July 27th, 2008


Negative To Read Pile Reduction


What a crazy weekend. Spending it with so many people who love to read the same stuff as me has not been kind to my pile of future reading.

Let's see ... Friday night had much discussion of books to read - as usual with that crowd. And then today, popping down to editormum's place meant I left with two issues of Fables and a Laurell K Hamilton (Book 1 in that faeries series that had me in fits of laughter, for those at dinner Fri). Meeting up with jonathanstrahan snaffled me a Greg Bear. Popping back to my car via Planet books, with J, meant I got Volume 2 of Buffy Season 8, Shaun Tan's new book Tales from Outer Suburbia and The New Weird (just cause it's shiny). And robinpen announces to me that Volume 10 of Fables is out (T is that what you were showing me the other night?) and Vol 3 of Buffy is out in the next couple of months.

AND ........ OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 Breaking Dawn comes out FRIDAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY - fellow fans! We should, like, do something. No?

I should be allowed some free reading time, you'da thought ... but must get back into work.

And ... I'm totally and absolutely broke and have no business buying any books at all! grumble.


Well I think I had a really fun weekend. I was sorry to have to postpone arrangements with callistra but I knew I would be totally useless on Saturday night and I kind of was.

Friday night I cooked dinner for the boy, kathrynlinge, editormum, lyzbeth, punkrocker1991, catundra and A. I think the food went really well - veg soup, middle eastern mains of an assortment of mezzes, breads, "the" salad, fried gefilte fish, eggplant in tomato sauce and felafel (thanks to L!).
catundra and kathrynlinge had dessert covered which was delicious - semifreddo, fruit salad and dates with almonds in coconut (I think .. they are delicious and I can't stop eating them anyway). And then Russ sorted out the hot chocolate for post-dinner hot drinks, which had to be I think the best hot chocolate I've ever had in my entire life.

The boy came over early to help me finish making things which was really great and I think we got on okay in the kitchen. I was reasonably quiet, for me, because I was trying not to draw too much attention to myself - sometimes it worked, mostly it didn't. You can always rely on that crew to recount embarrassing stories about yourself. The boy also was a bit quiet too on account of not being able to talk as fast as editormum - he'll learn, like the rest of us have!

Late to bed Friday night meant early to Sea Rescue Sat morning was painful. And I am naughty when irritated or bored. So ... yeah I was ... not the best behaved. The morning was eery and cold, the city being blanketed in a thick fog. But then it lifted about an hour into the shift and the sky was blue and the air crisp and the day was really quite lovely. I headed home in the arvo and watched 4 episodes of Buffy and then headed over to watch TV with the boy.

This morning I had the best day! After sharing a lovely coffee with the boy, I decided to take advantage of my totally unplanned day and drove down to Rockingham to drink 3 coffees at editormum's. I *should* have been answering important questions at home like, "just what scares me about my study and why can't I tackle the room to sort and clean it out?", "just how much money am I in debt with TPP?" and "do I really like novellas, after all?" or "how many short stories and slush can one person read in one day before going blind?". Instead, I had gluten free muffins, cake, coffee, pumpkin soup, yelled out random objects for 2 year olds to draw, discussed yet more possible projects and too much personal information about ... things. Grabbed more books to read and headed home to meet jonathanstrahan before he heads off for much fun at World Con, lucky thing. Was great to mull over all things short fiction related. Bought books. And then ... well ... here I am deciding how early is too early to take a bath and bed to read.

Great weekend though, all up!!!