July 30th, 2008


Yes. Well then

So it's taken 8 months but the laptop has finally made her way into my bedroom. When I moved into this house I made the rule that there would be no computers in the bedroom. And I've stuck to it - it's really not been that hard actually. And the bedroom was no longer a place for work and only a place for fun.

And um ... then I came home with maybe that flu thing everyone at work has been moaning about since I came back from Turkey. Determined not to get it, I think I did fairly well. But the throat and head and ears were sore driving home from work tonight and I feel quite grumpy and generally yuck. And it's cold!

So I took to my bed early tonight - straight in the door actually - first time since I moved in here. And it's been lovely and warm and comfy as I took phonecalls, updated computery things, answered emails and all sorts.

Now to bed to see how I feel when I wake up in the morning.