July 31st, 2008


Starbucks doomed stores names

Thanks to my Mum:

As foreshadowed, the three Starbucks stores in South Australia, one in Tasmania and four in the ACT are all closing


*blinks* there's Starbucks in SA and Tasmania???
Does anyone out there know where? I thought I had all the Aussie mugs? There must be an Adelaide and a Hobart one? I have neither. Would anyone out there be able to pop into a store and grab me one and post - I'll happily pay for all the expenses.

Spring is coming!

I was very worried before I left for my trip that all my bulbs would flower whilst I was gone and the whole thing would be over by the time I got home.

Thank goodness that didn't happen. And excitingly, every day there are more flowers threatening to bloom. It's like a surprise - way back in March I got interested in daffodils and the many many different species. So I planted maybe 15 different types? I don't remember. And also, they got all jumbled up too. So now it's fascinating to watch them all come up differently and the guess which sized closed flowers are going to be which and I can't wait to see the flowers bloom. Expect lots of pictures here soon!

And I also threw in some tulips and I think the first tulip will bloom by the weekend!


Is feeling miserable and being stuck in bed all day reason enough to buy hand dyed sock yarn?

Blue Moon Fiber Arts are retiring some colours. Course ... that means that they are *adding* new colours, which I might also like.

Also ... havent knitted or crafted seriously in months.