August 2nd, 2008


This is how it happens!

So I think I might be getting run down on account of being too fricking busy! Oh, big revelation, I hear you say as you roll your eyes at me. All the same, some of us are just slower at coming to the same revelations as others. No need to snicker. So last night I'm sitting down trying to figure out what weekend commitments to cancel (am scared to call in sick for Sea Rescue, though it must be done, I can't lift the kettle right now, can hardly throw a tow line). And after I make some cuts, TWO more invites come in for Sunday! Argh!!! Argh, because I want to do them, but doing them means not resting and it might be that resting is what I should do. One is for my Dad's birthday, so obviously I have to do that - and I haven't gotten him is present yet (and no time to nick out today to do it either). And the other is for coffee with an old housemate - fun, and coffee is involved, and it's not taxing and doesn't have to be in the cold air - you see how this happens???

So, this is exactly how this happens! Me getting run down.

And then, by some bizarre miracle, yesterday I started on my study. I don't know how it happened. I don't know what kickstarted it or where and how I began the attack. I only realised it after I was in the middle of it. And ... again ... following the approach that, tidy up just one section and make that look neat and organised (be it one intray or the top of one small area of desk or one section of the floor) and it's neatness become addictive. I get satisfied that it is sorted and I get spurred on to sort more of the mess.
So it's not "done" but it's on the way to there. And there are filing systems happening and lots of chucking of crap.


So ... went to the craft fair today - my spending "nothing" equated to $80 plus entry and two coffees. Well .. why go if you aren't spending *anything*? And I bought one kind of largeish project which will hopefully help me either get right into patchworking or at the least, start to use up more (any) of my fat quarters.

I got 600 precut hexagons with precut backings. In Japanese prints. I kinda got into the hexagons in Turkey - which admitedly, Japenese prints is not quite the mosaics. But you gotta start somewhere and patchworking for 10 year olds might just be where I need to start. Plus it's a handy project to take with you in your handbag.

Coffee with friends from school this afternoon - as usual, well catered for and I don't need dinner.

Off to editormum's now. And um. Found a 3 bottles of Yellow Glen in Jewel Pink for $25. Seemed like the thing for a cold Saturday night. And Russ is kindly driving. *grins naughtily*