August 4th, 2008


oooh I love the smell of an election in the morning

Thanks grouchiegrrl for the heads up.

From via Perth News
SPECULATION is mounting that West Australian Liberal Opposition Leader Troy Buswell is set to stand down as leader.

The ABC is reporting that internal party polling has shown Mr Buswell cannot carry the support of Liberal voters at the next election.

Because he doesn't - go ask the nearest Liberal voter in your vicinity.

Senior Liberal members met at the weekend to discuss installing former opposition leader Colin Barnett in the position, the ABC says.

Mr Barnett, a former energy, resources and education minister in the Richard Court government, lead the Liberal Party to the last state election in 2005.


The next poll is due before May 2 next year, but anticipation is mounting that Premier Alan Carpenter will call an election within months.

Most of the state elections in Western Australia since 1959 however, have been held in the month of February.


I like numbers

cassiphone was teasing me the other day that I just like keeping track of numbers and maybe she's not so wrong! Here are some numbers I am keeping track of:

Paul Haines Fund: $12 870 donated, $7130 to raise to meet the goal
Sewing: 16 out of 600 hexagons tacked
Slush to be read: Shiny (2), Novellas (7), New Ceres (2)
Last Short Story: 861/2327 to read (ie 1466 read), to be added to spreadsheet (unknown)
Stories to edit: Shiny (4), Novella (1), New Ceres (?)
Number of books to launch in 2008: 1
Number of books to launch in 2009: 2
Number of issues of Shiny to release in 2008: 3
Number of months left in 2008: 5
Number of websites to finish/upgrade: 3
Number of unanswered emails in inbox: 95
Amount of TPP debt: ?

Amount of time wasted typing this: 10 minutes

Last Short Story

... not too bad actually.

Did a kind of numbers crunch (doesn't include complete sweep of webzines yet)

And I have 924 shorts to read out of 2417 in the spreadsheet.
Which means I have considered 1493 shorts this year so far.
That's probably behind last years schedule. And I am guessing we will consider more material than last year too.

Breaking Dawn

Staying spoiler free...

Have you picked up your copy yet?
Have you read it yet?
Have you heard about the horrible reviews??

Did you go to a launch party?

Tell me all!!!


I was sitting in my friend's office at work, in the "building" I used to work in when suddenly all the power went out. Oddly, that's not strange for that "building" so we laughed and bitched about it and then carried on talking.

Then I got a text from punkrocker1991 asking me if we had power cause they'd lost it - he's on a different campus, working for a different organisation but we are in the same Technology Park which ... today didn't feel all that technological.

So I went back to my office and found power out there too and my boss who informed me the phones were out too and he was going home.

So .. whee.. got me a bonus hour this afternoon.

Bad cooking

Course I didn't use that hour to do anything constructive like, say, grocery shopping.

Dinner tonight was an east meets west fusion type thing - that's right, italian pasta meets chinese stirfry sauce. If I squint, it really doesn't taste *that* bad.