August 8th, 2008


From Get Up:

If you watched the news last night, you would have seen the lead story - a new GetUp TV ad has hit the headlines as Kevin Rudd arrives at the Beijing Olympics, urging him to speak out on Tibet.

The ad, made with the Australia Tibet Council, is going to air either side of the Opening Ceremony, click here to watch it:

We sent the PM a copy of the ad, and he has pledged to raise human rights issues in Beijing. We know this sort of diplomacy works - only last week the PM condemned the media censorship around the Olympics - and the Chinese Government eased the restrictions.

But there is one hurdle left to clear - the Seven Network, in response to the media interest our ad has generated is now denying the fact that we've booked the ad space. Unfortunately for them we have on our desks a confirmed booking sheet suggesting otherwise!

Whether or not Channel 7 decide to uphold the values of free speech, you can watch the ad for yourself here:

It's vital that after the Olympics the world does not 'switch off' on Tibet - that's why we're planning more ads for the closing ceremony and beyond. Stay tuned for opportunities to help get the message out soon.
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It's a new day

Tomorrow morning I am doing something a little bit crazy, a little bit out there, probably a little bit stupid. But the best thing is that editormum is going to come along with me and that's nice for the support. (I'm not getting a tattoo) And so she and the kids are coming to sleep over tonight. So, I'm looking forward to having my house noisy and filled up with people I love. And the Olympics Opening Ceremony is tonight. And it's the 8/8/08 - which is really cool, just for the numerology of it and because the Chinese think it's lucky.And then tomorrow after the crazy thing, editormum and I and the kids are off for lunch at battblush which no doubt will also be noisy and filled with people I love and much talk about ... well ... you know it's going to be all things fiction and feminist and fun.
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Okay, fine

I'm also happy because today the boy and I have been texting and I think we really are going to be friends. And ... I'm really glad because I think one of the things I was most sad about was losing him as my close confidante. I was really sad to think I might have lost that forever.

Luckily, that's actually what being friends is about.
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Random Guide to the Olympics

Our flag bearer was announced last night during the Soccer match. James Tomkins will have the honour of leading Australia's Olympic team out onto the track. We will be the third last team to come out, since they will be using the Chinese lettering.

So ... here are some random facts you might want to use over the water cooler to look like you know what's going on.

Tomkins is a rower.
He was a member of the Oarsome Foursome who won gold in Barcelona (1992) and then again in Atlanta (1996). And they were Awesome! You might recognise him from the Goulburn Valley Gold commercials!
He also took gold in the Pairs in Athens (2004)
He's been to lots of Olympic Games (!)
And he is very tall.

He makes a great choice.
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More Olympics

In case you were wondering ...

Tomorrow, the Olympics schedule includes:

Men's Road Race (Cycling)
Lots of Women's Fencing
Preliminary Judo stuff

And some Swimming heats

Yeah, so this might be more for my information than yours ...
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Crafting post

Last Winter Olympics, The Yarn Harlot (if you don't know who she is and you love knitting (socks) then you must be living under an electronic rock) decided to hold the Knitting Olympics whereby she set out to knit a really big (complicated jumper) project between the Opening and Closing Ceremonies. It kind of took on a life of its own, with knitters across the interwebs and globe joining in and taking on big knitting goals and it became a huge knitfest (in the knitting world). I didn't complete my objective.

But, since it's highly likely that I am going to be in front of my TV for a goodly portion of the next 2 weeks I'm thinking I might set myself a similar challenge for this Games.

I think I am going to attempt to finish my new patchwork project - that's the Japanese Hexagons one I bought last weekend and have slightly started. So - tacking all 600 pieces, also cutting and tacking black pieces that will separate them and then piecing the whole lot together. I'll take some photos tonight to show the start and maybe some progressive shots through the fortnight.

Also (and this might be why I didn't finish my project last time round), I intend to get the Twelfth Planet Press website done and my study (sorry, studio) finished.
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Waiting ...

Oh no!  Sitting next to editormumfor 10 minutes and we've just swapped so much knowledge that I am embarrassed I didn't know (I showed her how to stalk people - an important skill). How embarrassing. People should be scared if she and I actually merged into one being. Even I am a little scared by that idea. 

Anyhoo .. moving on from my electronic luddititude. Here are some pretty photos of my first daffodil for the season! 

And side on for future identification

And my first tulip which I am hoping will be a Queen of the Night.

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Is it the Olympics yet?

Hee. We're watching So You Think You Can Dance, and Krump is the next dance. So I say:

Me: OOh! I LOVE krumping!
And asimmum   looks oddly at me and says: You are a Jigsaw! You're so complicated with your Oympics, Star Trek, krump, science, religion, publishing, craft!

Which, when you list them like that, no wonder people look at me a bit strangely!

Personally I attribute it to a short attention span.

Man, is it time yet?



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Was just thinking about the World Fantasy Awards shortlists. Apart from the novels, which I didn't read, this would be the first year that I was familiar with most of the reading of the previous year and meant that I had read pretty much all the works listed, and the works that missed out. And my first impression of the shortlists was that I pretty much agreed with them - in terms of saying that the stories and collections listed were most certainly amongst the best of the year. And really, after that, isn't just down to taste at some point?

Anyway, so I was mentioning this to T tonight and she said she was disappointed that there were no Aussies on the list and that surely at some point we could manage to get one Aussie with one short story on a list like that? So I was thinking about what I read last year and what of that I thought would be the same quality or level of writing. And then I went to the spreadsheet, cause that's what it's there for, and had a look at what Australian short story fiction was actually published last year. And ... I dunno, but personally I think that the stories that I would list as being close, or at the level of the fiction on the shortlist, are mostly science fiction. Is it possible that even though hardly any Australians are writing science fiction, they are writing it at a higher level? And that there is much more fantasy being written and more of it being published? Am I prejudiced because I prefer science fiction to fantasy? 

I think it's a bit like the Australian So You Think You Can Dance compared to the US version - it's markedly obvious that our dancers are not as good - last year, the top 4 or 6 Australian dancers were about at the level of the top 20 for the US version, I think. And I think that's just a result of numbers - it's much harder to compete for auditions; even though there's more work, there are still far more dancers. 

Would you have put an Australian story on the WFA shortlist? And if so... which one(s)?

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