August 10th, 2008


Worldcon 2010

People are blogging that Melbourne has secured Worldcon for 2010.
AND Shaun Tan is to be Artist Guest of Honour!


I've not been to a Worldcon and was hoping my first would be in Australia. And I've heard all the victory war stories and the tales of the postWorldcon golden era for such a long time that I'm really very excited about it.

Hmmm.... now to revisit all the TPP ideas we've had for "if we get Worldcon".


I like 

martinlivings' summary of the lunch yesterday . I would only add:

- that was some cross between footsies and rough sex!



OMG! Am I watching the Aussie swim team singing a single?? What next?
Oh apparently you can download it.


Yes I should be working

WTF is with the score changes in the Gymnastics and Diving? Now a 17 is a perect score? Man, there's no poetry in that - the elusive perfect *10* has such a ring to it. Now it's all ... ooh there's exeuction AND difficulty. Man, even the Olympics have gone all fluffy PC and pandering to the Y gen. Whatever happened to Yodas: there is no *try*. Only "do" and "do not". Ugh.

I've spent the last 25 years *figuring* out how the scoring works and now they have to go and change it.


Yay - Hugos

From Locus Online

"The Merchant and the Alchemist's Gate", Ted Chiang (F&SF Sep 2007)


Commiserations to Jonathan Strahan who was up against tough editorial competition. We love your work!


The women's roadrace is gripping! Tears and spills and rain!

My favourite bit is when the team members do a drinks run.

Also, am enjoying how the rain is obscuring which riders are which so the commentators are stuck going, "I don't know who this is, it's a white jersey ... could be anyone. But she's riding really well"

Heh. Reminds me of the volleyball which I was watching last night in bed. The commentating was *so* abominably bad that it was like this for the whole game: the US player spiked the ball ... the Japanese player was quick to respond. Like, if you don't know what the hell you are talking about, why commentate?

Feeling productive

Today I managed to get up off the couch and out the door for the briefest of moments. I've been inspired by a few of you to get back into cooking properly and freezing single serve meals for later. I used to do that all the time when I first moved out of home - maybe that's part of the settling into grownupness? I don't know why I stopped. Probably at some point round the onset of the OCD.

I've been justifying not cooking meals for myself by saying that it's too hard for just one person. But that's crap and I've not been eating all that well for ages. My fridge has looked like a bachelor's since I moved in here with like marg, vegemite, Baileys and a can of Coke. And my freezer has had a tub of ice cream and that's it for pretty much the whole time I've lived here. And the thing is, you don't always feel like cooking or thinking about what to cook and when your cupboards are bare anyway, bad eating habits happen.

So today was a lovely day - not too cold, a blue sunny day. My afternoon commitment got cancelled and I had the whole luxurious afternoon ahead of me. I did get some sewing done - photos later. I actually cranked out the iron and started ironing my patchwork fabrics for proper storage in my studio (heh). And I decided to make a cooking schedule, wrote out shoppping list and then went and bought stuff.

So tonight I made 3 lots of my tuna and veg pasta bake. Haven't finished baking the final two so I'm not sure how many meals I ended up getting. I also made half a dozen muffins and am vaguely contemplating doing a second batch to freeze tonight. Later in the week I am going to try out eggplant moussaka and I will also try a broccoli noodle stirfry recipe I found. I can't believe how much easier it is to cook when you have a plan. Preparation. Who knew?!

Oh no!

The Astor is closing!! I love that cinema. Although, admittedly, I haven't been there in a while. I love its old quirky feel. I bet they turn it into cafes or something. It's such a beauiful building too.

Anyone wanna go with me one last time before they shut it?
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More Swimming

Wow - The US B Team in the 4x100 Free just broke the World Record! What can the A team swim???
And yay our guys just swam the fastest they've ever swum to come in second. Great heat.

FYI: Don't eat dinner whilst watching swimming. It gives you heartburn.

Patchwork Progress Update

Almost off to bed. Here's my progress from today.

Couple of the next hexagons to come:

Not overly loving my light box at the moment. It's looking a bit worse for wear. I'm hoping it will last the distance.

So, two days of the Games down. I've done almost 3 "squares" of 7 hexagons each. That's 21 hexagons tacked and pieced. So ... only 579 to go over the next 12 days. Looking good ... ha!