August 11th, 2008


monday eh?

The whole team at work is moving offices, cept me. Cause I like to be ahead of the curve and I moved a month ago. So ... yeah. And it's all about filling in time till the men's 4X100 relay anyway for which I have already scouted out someone who has set up a TV etc. It's unAustralian to not permit Olympics Swimming viewing at work. Isn't it? Plus, since the Govt called an election, we're in caretaker mode now. Not sure what that really means in terms of what I do but it sounds good.

Oddly I am sleeping really well at the moment. Not sure if it's catch up or if I'm exhausted from weekend stuff or if it's the fact that I am on antibiotics and panadol for an infection. Either way, it's very odd for me to fall asleep as my head hits the pillow and stay that way and hardly move till like 8.30am. And I've had apocalyptic dreams the last 3 nights in a row. That, though, is surely due to the panadol?

Annoyingly, I haven't been able to read anything in about a week. I am behind in much because of this. I am curious the way my brain now works in terms of reading versus editing. They are not things I can multitask.

Local News

From, I've found that the Astor will close in three weeks, not this week as I thought. Some information on the building:
The heritage-listed art deco building opened in 1911. It was originally known as the Lyceum
Theatre and was designed by architect D. McClure and built by S. Alexander.

The name was later changed to the State Theatre, before becoming the Astor Theatre in 1941.

At least they can't knock it down and redevelop it.

Also ... I see that Channel 7 is in hot water for switching to an AFL game yesterday instead of showing a couple of Olympic events - the diving, shooting and some rowing (I think). 7 claim it had contractual commitments to carry out though ... sorry, but the Olympics dates have been known for 8 years now and so that's really no excuse, for me, that they didn't know this when they negotiated the football deal this year. For me, I was so glued to the women's road race that I switched to SBS where I found a much more enjoyable commentary, far more uninterrupted coverage and previews for a bunch of programs I'm gonna tune back into watch after the Games.


So it's done!! And the top 5 relay teams beat the World Record! What a race!!!

Obviously some must surely be on drugs. How do that many swimmers swim that fast. But I don't care. It was a great sight!

State Election Talk

Just read some commentary somewhere on Barnett's chances, given the attention of the public this month to the Olympics and the AFL finals. The commentary was saying that in order to overcome this, and to distract from the fact that he was leader for like 90secs before the election was called, he'll go negative. And that we should expect him to focus on the misconduct within the Labor party which led to the sackings of said MPs.

What I'm wondering is ... okay, I'm not a huge swing voter at the moment, but, I have dabbled in the swing before ... why would I think that the Labor Party now would not be worth voting for, if they have sacked all the ministers of dubiousness? It's not like they are still in the party. It's not negative enough for me.

There's a bunch of stuff though that I guess they can focus on - the gas crisis is the top one. That was just total mismanagement from the Govt (by being in a situation where we are reliant on just one provider/stream). The other stuff I can think of are for being not left enough, which is hardly going to be something the right are going to push for.


I am just not coping with work today. It's been one thing after another all frigging day - officemates moving out, officemates moving in, people wandering in to tell me random, unimportant facts (I can only pretend to care for so long), listening to people try and sound official but using ridiculously inappropriate vocabulary to do it and visiting people with annoying tones of voice that are impossible to tune out.


Gonna bring in some CDs for tomorrow.

Gettin' Comfy on the Couch

No patchworking update tonight cause I've been out most of the evening - I have a very nice counsellor who has a couple of hard to get after hours timeslots. (I book ahead)

So yeah ... counselling remains interesting. It seems that after you deal with the superficial layers of crap and bullshit, and you strip them away, you start to look deeper and find all sorts of other stuff that you need to deal with. What if this process is neverending?

I always get self-conscious about my body language for some reason and I found myself at one sitting point with my arm literally behind me back. Odd. Could I be more literal? Anyway.

I was still feeling a bit raw and wasn't really looking forward to dissection and discussion this evening but it was actually not that bad at all. She was very kind to me and also did a lot more talking than usual. I am amused because I have new stuff, I brought this to the session, that I think I now have to work on and we talked about it. Not so much stuff to beat myself up about or anything, which is nice. And positive. But the funny thing is, this to me seems so much harder and more frustrating, in a way, than all the rest. I wouldn't have thought that would be the case - I've been going for 2 years now and walked in that door suffering from insomnia, panic attacks, OCD and extreme bouts of anxiety. And yet to me, this stuff now seems so much harder a mountain to climb. Okay, maybe a slight hill, and less a mountain. But ... I dunno. You'd think working on yourself would get easier or that you'd do the hard stuff first or something. Turns out, each step is hard even if on the outside, the impacts look to have much less dramatic effects. Maybe though, I'm not giving myself enough credit. I was definitely in a bad way when I first walked in her door. But I think I always thought/knew I would/could overcome it.

The other thing we talked about was limerence which was something I suddenly understood much better than ever before. I remember sitting in the Fandomedia panel about it with a bunch of you and not really being able to relate at all to what you were saying. Now I'd love to have the conversation again as I have many more questions.