August 12th, 2008


in the home stretch

You may not come past this blog and check on the tally all that often but today we hit the 80% mark.

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
16,085 / 20,000

Way back when, like what 3 weeks ago?, catsparx and cassiphone admonished me for being so impatient when the tally kind of slowed down. "Did you really think we'd raise $10k in the first week?" they said. And I know that sounds ridiculous but I really did. And that's because I know what this community is like. And what the people who come past and read this blog are like. You guys inspire me and so, I knew that this wouldn't be as a big a task as it first sounded. But even given that, I am still seriously humbled by the generosity, kindness and love of the people who we and Paul know. Thank you for your contributions, small and large. You rock!

John Scalzi on his Hugo

Such a lovely post here by John Scalzi on winning the Hugo for Best Fan Writer and losing the Hugo for Best Novel to The Yiddish Policeman's Union (which I have and should really get round to reading).


Round up

Ugh. I had a nightmare last night! I blame eating cheese too late at night. But can I just say? Dessicated Rabbi in Space? Horrifying! And then there was this bunch of kids and they got electrocuted and I think pecked to death ugh .. bad bad bad. Must be careful not to eat cheese too late at night again.

What else? Am hanging out for Leisl's swim today. I reckon she's got something special for the finals. I just got that feeling about it.

I am hating Channel 7's coverage of the Games. Last night was actually really boring. Too much switching and recapping and then just letting you know results. That's not what it's about. I switched to SBS but then wasn't really into whatever came on after the Volleyball so I went to bed. I reckon by the 2012 Games we'll have the ability to watch 5 channels and then we can control our own experience of the Games. That would be cool.

So ... I vaguely mentioned about counselling last night. The thing I am currently working on is ... patience. It turns out, and I was quite shocked by this, that I have none whatsoever. Now it's not some huge revelation that has just hit me, it's something that has become increasingly obvious. On holiday, D made some throwaway remark: you and your sister totally lack patience. And I was all: what do you mean? I'm very patient. I have no idea what you're implying! But then I've thought a lot about that since cause ... D is wise and sage and thoughtful. And also he and I had this huge D&M like on the last day, about stuff which I am still processing and thinking through.

And it turns out that ... I think I am patient only through context and relation. In other words, I am probably more patient than my sister - I can sit still and read a book, or 7 volumes of Harry Potter or whatever. I can do repetitive tasks over and over again without getting too annoyed. I can sit and work on a problem till I can nut out a solution. But actually, when I take myself out of the context I was using, I am totally impatient! And just to check, I mentioned this to kathrynlinge who replied, with the fantastic tact and diplomacy that she tends to use with me: I've noticed that you like to start things right away rather than wait awhile and think about them. Not that that's a bad thing. It's just something I've noticed.

You see that? She thinks I lack patience!!!!

And so I'm like, cool, yeah I can work on this. I've worked on much harder character flaws. I'll just ... well what do you do to work on patience??? Seems actually like an oxymoron or something. And I've been thinking about it for a while. And maybe I started actively working on it in the last little while. And then I'm like ... am I patient yet?? Has it happened? How long does this take exactly?


On criticism

Interesting piece on criticism in the Australian Music industry. I don't know much about the music industry even though I spose almost all the music I buy is local. And I was just thinking on the drive into work this morning how I think the music in the second half of this year's Triple J playlist sounds like a lot more fun (in terms of being interesting, new sounds and so on) than the first half which I thought was a bit snooze-worthy.

Needless to say, I don't know that much but this quote (by Everett True) sounded very familiar to me (replace music with specfic):

"Australians don't have much respect for the music press - it runs counter to their culture. Australian rock is all about 'Good on ya, mate - well done for getting up on stage and switching that amplifier on'," True writes in his blog.

"The idea of anyone actually daring to criticise musicians for the sound they make is almost heresy. Everyone is treated equally, which means no knocking anyone back, however great the temptation (that'll be why Australian rock is best known to the outside world for such musical abominations as Silverchair, The Vines and Savage Garden).",26278,24165280-7484,00.html

Now, I don't happen to think that Silverchair are an abomination. The other two ... well. But I do know that the most flack I have received has always been for openly discussing flaws or faults in our local (specfic) scene and have been accused of therefore being unsupportive.


From Get Up

The Australian said it best yesterday: "Nothing has sucked the air from the lungs as much as Seven's decision to drop an advertisement by GetUp... In a democracy, where freedom of speech is a given, Seven's craven self-censoring efforts represent a gold-medal act of moral cowardice."*

Ordinary Australians donated to put an ad to air featuring a Tibetan women asking the Prime Minister to raise the issue of Tibet when in China. The ad was booked, paid for and confirmed to air on either side of the Opening Ceremony - but it never showed.

What I don't understand is why the public should have to raise money to pay for a second ad? Surely if Get Up can prove they paid for the ad space but Seven renegged, then surely Seven owes Get Up a refund?