August 16th, 2008


Saturday Eve

I don't have much to say today. Been out doing *things*.

My mum donated a bunch of her jewellery to the artscaresyou auction so be sure to check those out when they are online.

I am off to a wedding celebration (same cousin, same wedding, different city). Am hoping I'm seated with my sister and her husband. I am also hoping it won't go too late as I have a pounding headache.

Tomorrow morning I am out doing sausage sizzling at a Bunnings very very far away from here very very early in the morning. Last thing for Sea Rescue and ... not looking forward to the early start and also to whether I have appropriate gear to wear. Problem for later.

I thought I would get more done today than I did. But I seem to have hurt my neck, maybe in training this morning *shrug*.

I know I started this post for a reason... and now I can't recall. Hmmmm .... Might need some panadol for my head.

Oh yeah ...

Been enjoying some of the athletics at the Olympics - yay for me cause I switch countries of allegiance in the second week over to Kenya since that's where my Mum was born. That helps keep ones interest in events like marathons, 10k run, steeple chase and 3000m run which was a fantastic event last night (women's).

And ... my World Vision Child grew up and doesn't need me anymore - her community can stand on its own now and World Vision are off to other needier communities. Kinda sad and glad at the same time. Now I got a brand new child in a totally different country.

Oh look! A publishing post!

Normally about now in where I am in a bunch of projects, I hate them. There's only so many times you can read and edit and read and love the same story. Well, in a very quick timeframe. But this last week, maybe two, I have been beavering (heh) away at all things Twelfth Planet and am totally enjoying all of the projects!

I've almost finished my end of Shiny Issue 4 and half of 5 edits (Tehani and I are bouncing them off each other and finetuning, if you are a Shiny writer and reading this and wondering why you haven't received said Shiny edits). And whilst, yes we are late, very late, with Issue 4, it means we will be kinda ahead with Issue 5 very soon. The best bit is I still am really glad we bought the stories we did - we bought some of them a very long time ago but they all stand up on rereading, which is good!

I am loving Dirk Flinthart's novella - the rewrite of which he submitted in the week. If you haven't had the pleasure of working with Dirk before, you are sadly robbed of one of the most enjoyable writer/editor experiences. This man is amazing and classy. And a brilliant editor, himself. He took the novella and said, I need to finetune it - didn't take my notes but has of course totally removed the bit I would have cut and added more fun where it counts. His manuscripts are always almost perfect in terms of requirements for line editing. You read his work closely just to say you have. But you almost never ever get to take the cap off your red pen. And if you do ever want to change something, it is his pleasure to make the change or to take on board the suggestion. Dirk is all class. So I am enjoying his being the first novella for the novella series. Plus he always has such fun in New Ceres. I mean, George Gordon always has such fun in New Ceres.

What else? I am in love with my subeditor over at ASif! and I am on the verge of being caught up with incoming reviews out that way. We have a bunch of new reviewers coming on board and are about to look for interviewers (if interested, apply within).

The New Ceres Anthology is about to get my attention.

I am also about halfway into the Biancotti Collection and am just loving getting to immerse myself in her work. Finding myself some new favourites and getting to read some of her work in progress - which is always the funnest bit, I think, seeing things before everyone else.

And! This week I am setting up the TPP headquarters after admitting that if it's big enough for its own ABN and bank account and tax bill, it probably gets to have its own ... office! Which is very exciting. Well, its getting its own filing cabinet drawer, and that's *just* as exciting.



Just had the most hilarious night - possible helped along by a couple of glasses of wine. Sat with my sister and her husband. Got a couple of lectures about ... stuff. That's like the 8th time I have gotten that lecture now and it PS it doesn't help retrospectively. And we are gonna get puppies from the same litter - they are already getting a puppy in Dec and I am gonna get a sister of their pup cause ... well, why not! And apparently they are not going to allow their teenage daughters to hang out with me! *pout* How can I teach em to be cool if I'm not allowed to "educate" them.

And then I just happened to be leaving at the same time as my parents and we walk past the front spread of photos and there's this photo of me with ... well, an expressive face.

Me: *shrieks with laughter*
Mum to other people: I'm sorry, my daughter has an infectious laugh
Me: and an expressive face.
Random from the crowd: well that's better than a straight face with nothing going on
Me: Well sure, as long as you are pure and good on the inside. Which I am not.

And then as we are walking along my parents are like: where did you put the car? No, where did you put the car and then they realise neither of them drove, they both got lifts! HA that's still really hilarious. I actually gace my Dad a lift in the first place. Ha! So then they realise they have to get a lift with me, in my little car and so they pour in and my Dad is trying to get in the back as I am trying to move crap out of the way.

Dad: She gets this from you! Oh. Look a dead lunch (it so was not. It was a clean tupperware container that never made it back inside). It's like a mobile rubbish tip in here. With music, noch!
Mum: What's wrong with this music? It's like stuck or something
Me: No.

Hee! Hilarious. I couldn't stop giggling all the way home!

Yeah, was probably the wine.