August 17th, 2008


Come on Aussie!

I don't know if it gets more Australian than listening to them call the 1500m Mens Freestyle on the radio whilst working at a sausage sizzle outide Bunnings on a spring Sunday morning. That's how I spent my morning. I think I prepped about 400 buns for sausages and let me tell you, there were no bun shortages on my watch. I had actually quite a good time in the end even if getting up at 7am in 3 degree weather and being almost the only car on the road at 7.20 really really hurt. A lot. Like most things, I grumbled most bout the getting out of wherever I was warm and cocooned but really was probably glad I did it in the end.

And that was the last of my sea rescue commitments. And now that it's done and really was almost fun, and at least soul satisfying, I'm kinda wondering if resigning was the right thing to do. I wonder why I can't let myself off the hook and just kick back and feel okay about doing nothing - reading a book for fun or watching a movie and patchworking away a whole Sunday arvo.

On the other hand, I do have many other commitments that will happily step into the time gap.

I am sitting and drinking deliciously freshly ground coffee - from Starbucks which kathrynlinge brought me back yesterday - Komono Dragon! Can't get more exotic than that! I've been flicking through cookbooks but nothing is really taking my fancy. I think I will bake some muffins though later this afternoon but it could be eggs on toast for me for dinner tonight.

More on last night

I had such a good chat with my sister and brother-in-law. I can't believe they've been together 13 years (she's my younger sister). Where does time go? In fact someone asked me last night if I remembered that the kids (us) used to do X and I said, yeah that was 20 years ago. Sheesh!

Anyway, it seems that my problem (according to those two) is that I insist on dating men who are not smart enough. Hmmmm... I wonder if that means they think I should return to administering an entrance exam for the first date? (Kidding!) Still, it was really sweet listening to them - how they were talking about relationships and stuff. They're good kids.

I explained to them how mostly I feel like I am the last person left to be picked for the softball team and I get to choose from the other loser also yet to be picked. My brother-in-law suggested I date younger, you know, guys who haven't yet been to tryouts! That's not bad, I must say. And he also suggested there are guys out there who didn't even know there was a softball game on. That's also probably true.

My sister though suggested I employ a professional matchmaker. "Yeah," she says, "get them to sort it all out and you just show up on the day in the dress."

And I only got one offer to introduce me to their cousin. Apparently he was going to do it in Israel but didn't get the chance. I might let that slide (on the insulted scale) since he's French so his cousin might be French too and that's *totally* different on account of Frenchmen being HoTT.

Ahh ... but the best bit was having to sit next to the spare chair at our table. "Table Nine," my BIL remarked.


So I seem to have been very quiet on this craft project. Well actually it's cause I am having technical difficulties with my camera. I also took some photos of my tulips which are looking gorgeous and I can't show them to you either!

Anyway, I gave in on the hexagon template situation and starting cutting em out by hand. I have now tacked nearly 150 of the 600 pieces. And I'm going nuts on the tacking so that I have heaps of options for piecing them together for the Granny patch square. Photos as soon as possible!


One last thing

This morning I shortchanged someone at the sizzle. They handed over a $50 for a $2.50 roll in the middle of Hackett's last Olympic swim. And I shortchanged him by $10. Cause he came back and complained.

Thing is ... the guy running it comes over to me to explain in detail how to do change. Like I was some little girl who can't count past 10. And I couldn't fucking say anything cause ... I had just fucked up. And so I stood there and took this stupid lecture and nodded thinking that actually I had just used the exact method he was explaining to me slowly, with simulations, and it doesn't help if you are actually listening to the swim split times. And the one thing I hate most is when something thinks I am stupid.

And thing is? I did pretty much all the sales for the whole 4.5 hours I was on. Took, I dunno. A thou? And I only made one fucking mistake. *That* one. Course. The lesson I seem to be learning lately? Timing is *everything*.