August 19th, 2008


Cue Twilight Zone Music

Something's really weird today. I *like* to be organised, don't get me wrong, the thing is, most of the time, I'm not.

This morning is very very odd. I have a lunch in the fridge, I have eaten 2 boiled eggs for breakfast, I made freshly ground coffee from freshly ground beans, I started the day with a hot water and lemon, I have fresh milk in the fridge at work and a yoghurt for morning tea, I am all ready to go with the vehicle checks (got all the keys etc etc), was here by 9am. I have my gym gear for this afternoon.

Everything is going according to my daily plan. Weird.

I do have a foot injury though.

And it continues

Seems to be a day of tying up loose ends and fixing problems. Is weird. Been putting off organising a plumber but I did this morning and he had a free moment now so I have skived off work to get my plumbing fixed. Yay.

Gonna make a few of those pressing phonecalls now too. And then pick up a package at the *other* post office on the way back to work. Weird weird weird. But I do like the feeling of mopping up stuff. It's nice.

Actual work stuff is following suit and seems also to be a day of tying up loose ends.

*Only* thing. Really wish I'd decided to go to the toilet *before* coming home!


And so the package I had to pick up at the other post office? 18 free bottles of white wine :-)

I trade in my visa frequent flyer points for things when they get up there in number. I don't believe in loyalty programs after I got burned with Ansett and so I figure a hundred dollar gift voucher at Myer every now and then is not a bad deal. This time, I went for a wine special. Will open it tonight and see what I got!!

My foot is still injured. Might have to strap it or something equally athletic sounding.