August 20th, 2008



Am suddenly reminded of the Hockey referee's reaction in the China v Australia match where a Chinese player tapper her on the shoulder and she totally freaked out and yellow carded the player off the field.

In this new building, we have a really really small kitchen. It fits one person. And *everyone* else, politely waits till the person in there is finished and then goes in to make their cup of tea or whatever. My new colleague full on watched me walk past him with my coffee apparatus and then must have followed me in because I was in there, washing my cup and into coffee preparing mode and he comes up behind me and says, "will you please yield?" And I'm like ... in there, making coffee, deep in thought, and totally using all the equipment, it's not like I was I dunno, eating in there when I could have gone to the table. So, I turn around and with a screwed up face go,"Why?" As in, I totally thought he was serious. And he's like "joking! joking! just joking!"

This is the same person who made that antisemitic joke that time - and so, you know, it's possible his sense of humour is a bit handicapped. But still, it just goes to show that we do not yet have equality when I totally thought he meant, cause he was there now and I (as a woman) was in his coffee making way.

What do you mean we don't do paid maternity?

Join the Get Up campaign by signing the petition to Swan and Macklin and letting them know that it's time Australia got with the program.
Here's the info from Get Up:

There are only two developed countries that don't have paid maternity leave - and Australia is one of them. This even leaves us lagging behind Tanzania, Iran, Burma and Djibouti.

Paid parental leave is not just about valuing the well-being and development of children; there is also an economic benefit in retaining people in the workforce and safeguarding the nation's future prosperity. Isn't it time Australia caught up?

Well this is the chance we have long been waiting for - the Productivity Commission is finally looking into the issue. Click here to sign the petition calling for a minimum of six months paid parental leave - and we'll deliver it direct to the Commission and the Government:

If almost every other nation on earth can see the benefit - even the very poorest - then surely it's time for Australia to start looking after families. Australia currently leaves it up to the individual employer to decide - and those in the retail and service industries have almost no access to paid parental leave.

That's why a joint statement was signed yesterday by more than a dozen prominent Australian organisations advocating a minimum of six months paid parental leave.  



So what fantastic athletic results from last night. TWO AWESOME SILVER MEDALS!!!!!!!

OMG! Firstly, Anna Meares coming back from an absolutely tragic accident in which she broke her neck, not a year ago, to take a silver medal! She is just the most heroic of athletes.

AND THEN!!!!!! OMG!!!!!! Sally McLellan !!!!!!!!!! Takes a SILVER F'ing medal in the 100 m HURDLES!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG. It's our first medal EVER for the event and our first athletics medal since Sydney and Cathy Freeman. Australian athletics medals don't come round very often. She was AWESOME!!! And watching her win! And her interview afterwards, crazy crazy stuff. And, this was not even her fastest time. She can run FASTER!

Both cases just go to show - dream big and dig deep and you might just really surprise yourself by what you can do.



I knew it was time for sleep last night when I found myself giggling at 12.15am in bed alone watching the weightlifting. There I was thinking how exhiliarating it was to watch large men lift really heavy objects. And getting involved in the backstories of the various competitors. I'm always on the edge of my seat to see whether they are going to lift that bar or if their bum is gonna hit the ground as they squat. It's gripping television.

Clearly I have lost all sense of perspective.


Olympics finish this weekend ...

Last Short Story Numbers

I'm gonna make it interesting (for us - maybe not you!)

We are pretty behind at LSS and that's just gonna make October and November hurt a lot. I personally have better things to do then - dunno what yet but youknow ...

So I'm bringing it ON!

Here is where we stand on who has what left to read:

GJ: 1021
Ben: 468
Tansy: 1454
Alex: 1500

Current short story tally: 2525

(Alex thinks she's no longer playing.
*throws down gauntlet*
*wanders off whistling*)

Cynical X-Genner

So I'm sitting here minding my own business and the phone rings.

Am American accent says: You have won a fully paid cruise to the Caribbean. To claim your prize press Nine.

I pressed *end call*

I've been sitting in the bath reading Cory Doctorow's Little Brother. What else could I have done? Scams scams everywhere!