August 22nd, 2008


Art that Scares You Auction

We have one more week left for bidding over at the artscaresyou Art Auction for Paul Haines. I've gotten quite excited about all the fantastic and talented works that have been pledged. I'm going to start running a couple of round ups of what's going on over there - so you don't miss out on something you might really want.

Just a reminder that all monies for the auction will be paid as donations towards the Paul Haines fundraising effort. Sellers may request proof of said donation before posting their item. If the fundraising goal for the Avastin costs is reached before the end of the auction, all additional monies will be paid into the same fund and passed on to Paul and his family to help with their general medical and other expenses at this difficult time.

5 signed copies of Paul Haines’ Doorways to the Dispossessed, debut collection of his short story works. Currently, a bid of $25 will snag you a copy.

Shaun Tan’s “The Survivors” (gouache and coloured pencil on paper, 1994) currently sitting at $390

PILO FAMILY CIRCUS rare PS Publishing hardcover edition (only 500 in existence.) –going for $100

Andromeda Spaceways Best of Horror Anthology including Paul Haines’ “Hamlyn” (which is the story that made me realise Haines is a foul, disgusting writer of all things truly repulsive.) You can snag this by outbidding the $10 current bid.

"Urban Wraiths" by Tansy Rayner Roberts (fabric collage). I am the current bidder at $120. Go on. I know you want it. I know I do.

Keith Stevenson will provide a detailed professional assessment of your spec fic manuscript (SF, Fantasy or Horror) to help your writing be the best it can be. (up to 180,000 words). Current bid at $300


Sounding out numbers ...

Been thinking of throwing a party ... would y'all be interested in coming round to watch the election results come in on Saturday September 6? Not quite the kind of party I was thinking of throwing but maybe I'll throw that one later. Or at Wastelands II. Maybe.

Last Short Story Numbers

Hmm ... sorry, been busy so haven't been online (weird, I know!) both either to read or to update! And another quick check of the numbers, and I messed up Alex's tally. Anyway, here is where it is, going into the weekend ...

GJ: 1020
Ben: 463
Tansy: 1461
Alex: 1113

Current short story tally: 2532


I love it!!!

This morning, I had absolutely no money in my purse, like maybe 10cents, and then I remembered that I had my free coffee on my loyalty card waiting for me. And when I got in? Message from my officemate on my computer telling me to meet her at CSIRO cause she was getting coffee. So! Free coffee and friends for me!!

And then? This afternoon? Just got word that my old position got specified callings approval so I have a bit of backpay coming through still.

AND! I get paid to go sit in the audience for the debate.


Amusing myself this afternoon

I love the phrase from last night so much that I am using it whenever I can.

Jo: Oh that whale, Colin? Turns out it was a girl.
Me: Now that they did the autopsy?
Jo: Yeah. And they think they found the mother.
Me: How would they know? Look, it's sad but it's the circle of life. Seriously, people need to get a can of hardenthefuckup.

And then

Jo: How do these criminals get away with this stuff if the police are not corrupt?
Me: Look, the world is fucked. Get a can of hardenthefuckup!

And really ... I might *appear* to be angry or depressed or something? But actually. I'm really zen and mellow at the moment.

Whatever. You know? There's so much that's out of my control. I'm just surrendering to the zen of it. Whatever happens happens. Me? I'm going to have a cup of coffee and sit back and let it go.

And actually? It's a lot more happymaking.


I have the giggles this afternoon.

Theories have it that I have too much blood in my coffee stream.

Well then

The giggling has stopped and now I am reaching for another can of hardenthefuckup. Gonna need a couple, it seems. Andy, I'll get us the super duper strength size.



Okay so, reality kicked into my world some time this afternoon.

Things are a bit grim.

I know what I need ... but I'm gonna go for wine instead tonight.

Ahh fuck it anyway

What the hell .. so what? My heart is breaking all over again. There. I said it. The one thing I have been avoiding putting on my blog all week. There it is ... in whatever fucking font this is. That's my to do list this weekend. Fucking cry the rest of the way that I stopped doing last week or whenever it was. Get it done and move on.

Because ... here's perspective - over at Paul Haines' blog His latest post, tagged "cancer the way forward".

Afterall, I need to hardenthefuckup anyway.

Catch you on the flipside.