August 25th, 2008


Great Debate 08

So I have spent the morning at Channel 9 studios being in the audience for the debate for the State election. I signed a piece of paper - now, I pointed out to the producer that what he was saying it meant and what it actually meant are two different things. "Oh" he says. And has a look. Nowhere did it say that I couldn't disclose what happened. It gave them permission to screen my image and for them to own the media footage. But ... I'll be nice and not talk about the content etc and what I thought happened, till after it screens tonight.

So, yes. My 15 minutes of fame are spent sitting in the audience of A Current Affair. That's done, then.

What else to say? It was a lot of fun in terms of as an experience - getting to see how the TV station works. It still has a very 1980s feel about it. For example I was told to bring photo idea 3 times but noone ever actually checked or asked for it. The cafeteria was extremely disappointing (think Summer Bay before they revamped the kiosk). Channel 9 only has one studio so that's why it wasn't filmed live. Was cool to watch all the camera men, producers etc do their thing. Got to see a bunch of Perth journos up close. Got to see the Premier and the Opposition Leader up close. I waved goodbye as though I actually knew them - it's so weird how you think you know public figures just cause you see them walk and talk every day.

Got to meet what a random cross section of Perth apparently looks like. That was probably the most fun - cause the random cross section of Perth is a pretty cool bunch of people. People you can joke around with, feel like you are sharing the same experience with and when you talk to them, they pretty much think the same general stuff as you. And we all kinda felt that the debate went the same way. In other words, the Average Joe/Joanne is not scary at all. Phew!

I didn't get to control a worm. So that's sad. And my question was not randomly picked to be asked either, which is also sad. And I'll talk more about that when I talk about the content of the debate later tonight.

Other than that, I had a really fun time. I can't quite believe I was lucky enough to get picked and I am really glad I did.

US Elections

I don't actually have an opinion on the VP selection for the Democrats other than to say that I am really sad to see that we are back to all male runners again.

The fact that in our State election, the Liberal party has half the number of female candidates to the Labor party has been raised in the campaign. Along with the um Buswell business. I thought it was interesting today that the compere of the debate was female and the audience looked about half female but there was only one female journo on the panel of 5 and the other women in the room were makeup artists.

Sigh. There is still such a long long way to go.


Am looking into the possibility of going to Conflux even though, technically, I'm also already working on planning a party to throw with catsparx if I were to go.

Who's going? Should I try and figure out how to get to Melbourne too? I only have 7 days of annual leave left for the year and will probably have one flex day I can use too by then. trying to figure out the economics of whether it would be cheaper/simpler to get a room at the con hotel and just fly in on Friday night and leave Monday night or find somewhere to stay in Melbourne, add $100 to the flights, and cab fares, food, entertainment etc around Melb. And I could only probably then do Thurs and Fri in Melb. Also, yay but Yom Kippur seems to insist on being Wednesday night and Thursday of the following week no matter how many times I consult my diary.

Thoughts? Suggestions? Criticisms? All greatly appreciated.

Debate 08

I assume it's gone to air by now - I was off trying to do a 10km walk in an hour and a half (think we did it in an hour and 45 in the end). Okay, have called my mother who only caught the second half. Apparently she couldn't believe I wore an orange shirt and my sister can't believe I didn't brush my hair in the morning (I so did!). And also my mother said there was much eye rolling and eyebrow raising! Woops!

I went in there as a supposed "swinging voter" which was more, I was sort of leaning to one side more than the other but I do listen to all the promises and so on and make a decision based on the policies when I go into the booth on voting day. After sitting and listening to the whole thing, I, like 60% of us in the audience ended up more confused and less decided than how we came in.

Was sort of demoralising really - it was very boring to sit through. They were both very uninspiring. They lacked very clear messages other than the constant attacks they are each doing to the other party. And for the issues they were pressed on, I found them to both be unconvincing.

Many things were alluded to or ignored - the Liberals policy on nuclear mining, genetic engineering and Burke. Frankly, I don't much care for the Burke business but it was odd how Barnett would never actually use the word "ban". I also can't look past the Buswell fiasco and was insulted with Barnett's "Buswell has paid the price for his actions" - cause yo, he so has not. And I just found Barnett very unsympathetic and uneducated on the feminist issue. I also found him very out of touch especially with respect to the examples he used for things (like prisons ... or whatever) and also the thing that really lost it for me was when he claimed that the issues that really concerned West Australians that they would be focussing on were drugs and brothels. Cause are you *kidding* me that we think those are the crucial issues? Read a paper, dude.

Both of them lack charisma. Although Carpenter smiles more. Barnett though was more friendly in terms of saying hi to us and thanking us when he left. Which was a shame cause I thought he lacked personality and fire when he actually debated. (Barnett was standing on some papers or something to make him look taller - he's not actually as tall as Carpenter)

Finally, I was desperately disappointed by the lack of any questions and almost no reference to the environment and climate change. I had written and submitted a question on this but was not selected (just as well cause not sure I could have actually asked it cause of my job etc).

So the summary for me was that neither of them seemed like "leaders" - neither were inspiring, energising or vibrant. And neither really seemed to have a strong and thought out mandate for the next 4 years for this state.

I left feeling a bit *meh* to be honest. And even less sure who I will vote for.

In the Pursuit of Your Dream

Why yes, I was just sitting here and watching Australian Idol. And in a minute I am off to bed cause it's cold and I have a headache.

But there was this moment on Idol where a contestant came back for the third year in a row to audition and she sounded, as Kyle put it, as though she had the voice of a dog getting its head bitten off (or something). And yes, she was indeed horrible. But there was this awful moment where Marcia has to break it to her - that as desperately as she wants this dream, it doesn't mean that she can sing, and that no matter how hard she works at pursuing it, she's just never going to get it.

And then she finally understood that she wasn't ever going to get this and her heart breaks as she realises that she might have to give up her dream.

And ... for those who have been around me the last 4 days, I have been saying the same thing. Which is a hard thing to be supportive of isn't it? Giving up on a dream is not something we normally encourage. And at the same time, I wonder why I am not a stronger fantasy reader because I believe in destiny, and the born hero and the happily ever after. And here I am, finally at the point where I think I have to give up my dream. I dunno if I want to say exactly what I mean by that except to say that I don't mean "the boy". I mean something bigger than that.

I think that sometimes, wanting something badly enough gets in the way of ever being able to get/have it. And that's not remotely the same thing as wanting to be a singer but being cursed with not being able to sing. Or wanting to run fast and not having the genetics to be able to do so. But, I think maybe, for me, if I want to have my dream, I have to not want it so darn much. And that I have to also realise that wanting a dream doesn't mean that you actually get to have it. And that you have to be okay with not getting what you most wish for.