August 27th, 2008


Omissions of Truth

I don't blog about half the stuff I am up to in a given week - cause then I'd have nowhere to complain when I am tired and grumpy and have no time. And kathrynlinge is right in that I get far more joy out of starting things than finishing them.

So in the bizarro world that is not the one I am in with my very very long list of things to do in September before Conflux and then Conflux and two book launches and Wastelands II in October, I'd like to participate in this - the Big Knit 2008. Knitting tiny little caps for the British equivalent of the Nudie bottles to keep old people warm in winter. I mean ... how long can such a little cap take to knit. *Not* that I am doing that. I'm just wondering. Anyway ... the link is here if you were so interested.

As for my very very long list of things. I am going to blog only the things I actually complete and hope that by October 3, the blogged list is longer than the one that is currently on my whiteboard.

And I'm just going to suck it up, use the unexpected backpay that the universe gifted me and book my own room in the hotel in Canberra. But! I am going to sleep in alternate beds each night - just because I can.

Art Auction Reminder

Just to remind you that the artscaresyou auctions all end tomorrow night - check your local timings.

So if there's something you have your eye on, nows the time to make your move.

We are 90% of the way to our goal! Any extra monies raised will be donated to Paul to go towards other medical expenses.

Conflux Here I Come!

Okay, plane tickets booked and paid for. Carbon emissions offset. Hotel room sorted.

And I am looking forward to it!

Just got the registration, banquet, dealers room and um, oh yeah, the printing of the book for launching to sort out.



So so tired today. All day. And I don't know why. It was reasonably quiet in my office most of the morning but I just couldn't really get moving. And then I totally peaked by 2pm which made getting to the gym after work really hard. A, my gym partner, was equally flat and it was just so hard to get through the session. I am having shin issues as well as on and off problems with my foot. Yesterday I couldn't get through my 20 mins on the treadmill and today I had to break halfway through. We were discussing it tonight and neither of us wanted to use the "s" word. I refused to say it and A was so funny just dancing around it because I didn't want to say it. Apparently it means my calves are tight.

Monday night I discussed with kathrynlinge making my chickpea curry for like yesterday - have it cooking in the background but not for dinner so that I had meals for the rest of the week. And I didn't do it and definitely was short for lunch today. Anyway, am happy that even though I was pretty tired and over it all tonight when I came in the door, I still managed to put the curry on and its still simmering in the background. I also boiled more eggs - they are working really well for breakfast. I really didn't believe that would be enough to kickstart the morning but I am happy to be totally wrong on that one. And being organised and doing a bunch ahead of time is also working out great to grab them and run in the morning. I miss my muffins though.

What else? I'm doing well with the not eating 2 hours before bed. It's actually getting me to head off to bed at 9.30 since there's no reason to sit up and watch TV (if there's no food ... I guess?). That's helping to get in some reading for fun before bed or else just relaxing better before sleeping and I am sleeping better. Who knew that all that advice people always spurt would actually be helpful? I really should take more note and listen up sooner!

Last night though I had this bizarre and I guess really literal dream, which I think had me so tense that I overtensed my joints cause my elbows were sore this morning. I dreamed I was standing in a tree, out on a branch and peering into the house next door. I guess I must be feeling pretty "out on a limb" eh?

That's me for the day. Eventful and boring all wrapped up together. Gonna take me my laptop to bed and kick some slush arse before sleeping!

ETA: And after all that ... only got 3 meals out of the curry.

So You Think You Can Dance

I'm enjoying the hip hop so much more this year than last - last year I was so annoyed by how many hip hop dancers they had and also how much it featured in the couple dances. This year I am loving it and loving the variations on it - maybe I am getting more dope in my old age?