August 29th, 2008


I have a dream ...

"America, we are better than these eight years,'' Senator Obama said.
"We are a better country than this,'' he said.
"We meet at one of those defining moments - a moment when our nation is at war, our economy is in turmoil, and the American promise has been threatened once more.''
"We are here because we love this country too much to let the next four years look just like the last eight,'' he said.
"On November 4, we must stand up and say 'Eight is Enough'.''

snipped and rearranged

"It's not because John McCain doesn't care. It's because John McCain doesn't get it,'' Senator Obama said.
As thousands of supporters waved American flags after being whipped up into a patriotic frenzy by a pageant of patriotic songs, Senator Obama trumpeted: "I've got news for you, John McCain, we all put our country first.''
Senator Obama also reflected on the unlikely aspects of his historic White House quest.
"I get it, I realise that I am not the likeliest candidate for this office,'' he said.
"I don't fit the typical pedigree, and I haven't spent my career in the halls of Washington. But I stand before you tonight because all across America, something is stirring. What the nay sayers don't understand is that this election has never been about me, its been about you.''

Big on grand promises. Charismatic and optimistic.

But I want to dream the dream and I want to believe.


Art Scares the Heck out of Me!

A few people have been asking around the traps, so here's the news: our official tally of bids is $4215. Now this may change slightly, or indeed be inaccurate (some of us were up very LATE last night tidying up loose ends) but that's what we think it is. All in all, over 90 separate items sold, which is BEYOND AWESOME.

Assuming all bids are paid, that puts the Cancer is a Cunt fundraiser for paulhainesover the 20,000 goal we wanted to pay for his Avastin treatments. As said elsewhere, this means we can contribute a bit extra to Paul and his family to help them with their other expenses during this difficult time.

If you are paying for a winning item, please send your donation to the Paul Haines Paypal fund via a donate button and email with a copy of your receipt, your postal address and reference to which item you are paying for. The Paypal does not allow you to make any extra comments, which means that unless you email us, we might not know if your donation is connected to the auction.

Donators, hold tight - we'll try to let you know who has paid for their items by the end of the weekend so you can have a frenzy of posting things out next week. We'll contact you with addresses, etc. We have many, many people to contact, so please be patient with us.

This has been a brilliant project to be part of, and I think you'll all have to agree it was a very fun way to raise some money! We even got a few last minute bidding wars happening in the last ten minutes which was very exciting.

I hope you all enjoy your gorgeous new acquisitions!

Love Tansy


Paul Haines Fund

Just a follow up to the post I copied from Tansy about the Art Auction.

We have now surpassed our goal to raise the $20 000 for Paul's Avastin treatment. This is just totally awesome and the extra monies will be given to Paul with the intent to cover other medical expenses over and above this drug, of which I am sure there are many.

As organisers we have received so many really kind messages along the way from contributors and from the community at large. It's definitely been a reward in itself to be at this end and get caught in the periphery of the warm glow being shone in Paul's, and his family's, direction. Someone emailed me today and said that he wished there were more people like us in the world and thanked us for all our hard work. But the thing is, firstly it hasn't really been all that hard work at all - the money has flowed through on its own. And Cat, Tansy and Tehani are amazing women to work with - nothing ever feels impossible when they are around.

Secondly, donations and contributions have come from far and wide and it takes more than a few people to raise over $20 000, especially in basically just one month. What I have taken away from this is that there are a lot of amazing, kind, generous and openhearted people in this world. And maybe, actually, there are more of these people out there than not. I'm uplifted and inspired by the generosity, warmth and love and I'll never forget how quickly and kindly it was mobilised.

The world is a good and amazing place full of wonders and beauty and love.

We love you Paul and we hope for your speedy recovery.

*picks up a reloaded gun and hands it over*


Time Freak Out

I might have been in my car earlier on when Triple J played Can't Get Enough by Depeche Mode.

I've always loved to dance - less so when I got lost in the dark abyss but I'm hoping that as I walk further and further into the light and my heart gets lighter and lighter that I will find my happiness in dancing again. At least I have rediscovered joy in music again. But as a child I was always dancing and one of my favourite things to do was on a Saturday afternoon my Dad would put on a record in the lounge room, crank up the volume and kick back and I'd go in and make up dances and put on a show for him.

And it occurs to me only now that one of those albums was Depeche Mode. Did my Dad *really* listen to Depeche Mode? I know some of the other stuff he used to listen to was Beatles, Police, Air Supply and U2. Possibly ABBA. But really? Depeche Mode? That seems so odd. And now it occurs to me that if I was like 6 when I used to dance in the lounge room, then my Dad would have been 35 which is only 3 years older than I am now.

That all kinda does my head in.

ETA On the other hand, my Dad was pretty groovy there so that gives me hope that it's okay that I still listen to "youth radio", kinda like EMO music and am getting into crumping and street hip hop.


At the moment I am kinda scared of my phone bills each time they come in. The other week I called editormum and got the dreaded "beep beep beep" but I was upset so I proceeded to chat to her for 45 mins. And the price?! $7 - that's like the same as if we'd met in RL for coffee! I'm still dreading the one I made to her mobile though ... for the same length of time.

I need to learn how to use Skype properly.


So McCain has picked Alaskan Governor Sarah Palin for running mate.

Anyone else starting to wonder if we're watching a season of The West Wing?