August 31st, 2008


City to Surf

I am tired.

This morning kathrynlingeand I got up at the crack of dawn and joined 37 000 other crazy people to do the City to Surf. It was really surreal seeing the city at 7.30 on a Sunday morning filled with numbered people in tracksuits. My Mum dropped me in and I joined the streaming masses heading down to the vicinity of the start line. I love how my Mum doesn't blink - I've never ever been in a race like this before but she just goes with the flow - where do I drop you off and pick you up?

It took us 13 minutes to cross the start line after the gun went off and we spent most of the race looking for gaps in order to overtake slower walkers. The highlight of the race for me was climbing the hill in Floreat and steadily overtaking people.

Our aim was to do the 12km walk in 2 hours. I thought we were going to be close to 2 hrs 15. But we came in at about 2 hours and 4 mins. Possibly a bit less, we'll have to check our times when they are released. K could totally have cracked the 2 hour barrier if she wasn't doing it with me. I had shoe problems and definitely really really felt the last 2 kms. Although for the final 4km I was dreaming of sitting down.

I divide people in this world up into Those Who Will Go into the Trenches with You and those who Won't. I already know K is someone who will and does go into the trenches with me but she's also someone who does not leave wounded soldiers behind. She constantly boosted my morale and encouraged me - kept time and kept us on track for the 2 hour mark and encouraged me along each kilometre. The walk was much harder for me and I couldn't really do more than just *do* it. This year though was the baseline. Next year I plan to be much fitter and be a better partner.

We managed to meet up with looneymoth  and bussed back into town to breakfast. Eventually. Best cooked breakfast I've had in ages.

I came home and sat in a hot bath for an hour. My body is still tired and sore and my feet are a horrible mess. Not quite sure how well I am up to the Giant Walk Guiness Record Breaking thing tomorrow at work but I'm definitely not going to feel bad about missing yoga.

Thank you!

Please visit paulhaines blog to read the words of thanks from him and his family for your contributions to the fund.

I think Tansy says it best in the comments.

I'd like to also thank taliehelene who I think is one of the finest PR people out there and worked her butt off to get the word out far and wide.


New Orleans

My thoughts go out to those in New Orleans.

DESPERATE to avoid a repeat of the Katrina catastrophe in 2005, New Orleans has ordered a mandatory evacuation as another deadly hurricane, Gustav, bears down on the disaster-scarred city.

Bumper-to-bumper traffic clogged roads leading north and east out of New Orleans, as the dangerous category 4 hurricane barrelled toward the Gulf of Mexico after leaving 85 people dead in Caribbean nations.

The mandatory clear-out was due to start at 11pm on Sunday (AEST). "We want 100 per cent evacuation. If you decide to stay, you are on your own," the city's mayor Ray Nagin said, in the face of what he called "the storm of the century."

"This is the mother of all storms .. this storm is so powerful and growing more powerful every day that I'm not sure we've seen anything like it. This is the real deal.,23599,24269985-401,00.html



Got up just before to see if my headache was caffeine withdrawal by having a cup of coffee - I also had a panadol and one or the other fixed it. But I discovered the piece of pavlova that catundra sent me home with last night. Yum! So I have dessert to look forward to!

Last night lyzbeth and I headed up into the hills for dinner at catundra and A's place. They put on a delicious spread of a curry night with the tastiest mushroom curry! I never even thought of mushroom as a curry but it worked really well. As promised there was tons of puppy and kitty love to go around. I met some of their friends, kicked back with some lovely white wine and had a really lovely night. I'll admit though that some of the enjoyment was getting to wear my new shoes somewhere! I kept sneaking a peak to admire them. I haven't bought new shoes in such a long time.

Anyway, it has been decided that perhaps I could think about looking into getting a kitty first, instead of the dog. I was catching up lyzbeth on my recent life and this conversation happened:

Me: It turns out, I expect far more of my friends than my lovers.
Me: I should probably address that.
V: Mmmmmm... perhaps now *is* the time for that puppy. Have that love you unconditionally so that you can put conditions onto people.
V: Yes. I think perhaps I am going to shift now on the puppy thing.
Me: Heh . Now I just have to get it past Russell.

Anyway. I am not quite home enough really for a doggie right now. So maybe a cat is a better idea. Apparently there are low allergenic ones - I'm not getting some gross kind of hairless thing. And I was telling my Mum about it this morning and then she told me about all the cats that get left at the RSPCA who used to be someone's pets and now are stuck in a concrete runner. That made me sad. So yeah I might be getting a cat. This probably goes down with what I was saying yesterday - that life never actually quite looks the way you were expecting but that doesn't mean it's any less enjoyable. I never really pictured myself as a cat owner.

In any case, there is a back up plan that lyzbeth or catundra might help me out if the cat thing doesn't work out with me.

Good times!

That was August. Bring on September

Huh. And tomorrow is September. Already? August was a funny month. It felt long, I guess? It was filled with highs and lows and new things and new reactions to less new things. It was ... fun?

I'm looking forward to September. And that's actually something I've never felt before - September is traditionally my hate month. Bad things happen in September. People tend to die in September. In my world.

But this year, I'm kinda jazzed about September. September 2008 just seems to have a magical aura about it. I dunno. I'm excited!

State Election

Was just sitting here watching that ad with Alan Carpenter and two of his daughters in it where he says something like, "WA is a great place to raise children in." And there's just something about that ad that's a little creepy - he puts his arm around his daughter's shoulder but the expression or body language she gives off is like "ew, stop touching me creepy man."

So I was thinking how the longer this campaign goes on, the less I want to vote for anyone. This morning as we pounded up St George's Tce to Kings Park, Colin Barnett was standing on the side of the road. K called out "ooh there's Colin Barnett" but the way she said it she could have said, "ooh there's Fat Cat!" And there he is, in trousers and a white shirt without a tie and unbuttoned (his casual look?) and he's high fiving people as they run past. And he was red in the face - I think even he was humiliated. And the thing that occurred to me was, does he *really* think that would get him votes? And if it does, we're in deeper trouble than I thought.

So back to Carpenter in the creepy ad. I was watching it and wondering how he managed to get himself elected last time, assuming he used similar tactics - and then I remembered ... oh *that's* right! He hasn't actually yet ever been elected for State Premier. And that explains to me why I feel so uncomfortable - normally one dude kinda looks slicker than the other. More experienced. More sensible. More inspiring.

These dudes make me a bit scared to go to bed at night.