September 2nd, 2008


All a buzz

It feels like it's all happening at the moment. Lots going on at Chez gj behind the scenes. Lots going on in the world at large, behind and in front of the scenes.

Gustav has downgraded itself. The levees are holding. More storms are brewing off the coast. Palin is um ... well ... we're politely averting our eyes 'bout that whole abstinence as the best policy for dealing with teen pregnancy thing. Russia is in trouble with the EU over Georgia. And Israel eyes off Iran.

Me, I had a bizarre dream last night about twin babies. Dunno what that means. And I slept really well - am still clearly recovering from Sunday morning's walk.



I'm running around with my knickers in a knot. Too much ... no idea where to start ... no focus or ability to stick with anything... and yet? Am continuing to accept more work ... in all directions. Cause I figure at some point, I will be able to focus, will know where to start and will get on with it.

But right now, am flustered.


ETA: I should add that on top of everything else, I decided I would read 500 shorts this month for LSS. (I'm at 30, barely)

(no subject)

I am still really knackered from the walk. I didn't think it would take this much out of me but it's my only explanation for general malaise. That and I was pushing it with 2 bananas 2 days in a row. I'm sitting here with masses of work ahead of me and my bed is kinda calling to me.

I see the State Labor party have released polling results that apparently, to them, claim that so many West Australians are going to vote protest votes that they may end up voting in the Libs.

Yeah. Sure. That's unsettling.

However, is anyone else pissed off by election promises like Labor to lower bus and train fares if they get releected? Ferfucksake but THEY raised them in the first place. Do I look stupid or something?

grrrr ... all over by the weekend, I spose.