September 4th, 2008


How'd it get to be Thursday already?

So ... it's Thursday and I am only just *now* listening to the Death Cab for Cutie album that I bought on *Saturday*. *shakes head*

On the other hand - it's a great album and just what I need today as I am getting stuck into a ton of work. For some reason I feel markedly better today - woke up feeling more refreshed than yesterday and much more clear-headed, albeit with a very sore throat and a bit of a croaky voice. I wonder if it was the hanging out with friends and kicking back and laughing that energised me or the half a glass of wine that relaxed me enough to sleep in a different whatever it is that you do that reenergises you.

J suggested a fabulous location for predinner drinks last night - that she didn't actually go to. And I am at a point in my headspace where it enormously amused me that the decor matched my shoes. The Raffles is a spectacularly art deco little place and I loved the ambience. We are going to have to go back for proper drinks (I had a mocktail because I insisted on having a glass to match my shoes) and pizza cause it looked delicious. The bar overlooks the Swan River - what better place to feel decadent on a random Wednesday afternoon.

I know I am on the brink of burnout and don't actually have time for it right now. So um ... am pushing through to get some things crossed off my to do lists, both at work and at home/TPP in the hopes that that will ease the stressload. An interesting approach ... but we'll see. I really do feel more focused today. Clearing the decks will help.


Also, due to some reshuffling of my schedule (by others), I think I'm gonna be able to do Friday night and Saturday of Femmeconne and then the KSP Minicon on the Sunday.



Wastelands II, Age of Iron is a two day convention focusing on the
futures of yesterday, and the glories of tomorrows that never were.
There will be two streams over two days. including workshops, panels,
and presentations. Discounts for people dressed in theme.

We need YOU to help us make this convention great! Here's the current programme:

We want YOU to be on those panels! Do you see something you like?
Do you see something you feel confident you can speak on to a few close friends?
Do you see something you want to research and then discuss?
Please click on the links and let us know!
We're looking for people to talk on a wide range of topics.
If you have an idea you think would be of interest, please email Chesh on cheshirenoir at g mail dot com

If you want to help out, but don't know what you can do, then please email Calli on callisto at g mail dot com

Age of Iron is coming fast, and it's going to be great!

Please distribute this message as widely as you wish!


Russ: I figured you'd have someone else lined up by now ;)
Me: What do you take me for? some garden variety skank?
Russ: Not at all, I think you're an extraordinary skank :)))))))))
(oh you so asked for that one!)

Thanks dude. Thanks a *lot*

*huffs off in my non-skanky heels*


So as part of the Wastelands II Programme, callistra and I were working on a pitches session where writers could come and pitch novellas to the Twelfth Planet Press Novella Series.

We've been toying around with what to do or how to do it and were thinking we'd see what other people thought.

I think the trouble with a pitch is ... it's all very well to come up with an idea. It's all very well to come up with an idea that I might be interested in as an editor, publisher or reader. But you could go away and write 20 000 or 40 000 words and submit it and still get a rejection. So I guess, for me, I'm not sure that it would be that useful an expense of time for me to sit there and writers to pitch me what they might think about writing.

We could ask for a chapter or three to be submitted ahead of time that I could read. That would help with the "but can you write it" question. But would that be a useful expense of time?

I could talk about the project, what I am looking for, the sorts of manuscripts that have been submitted so far and the reasons why I bought one and rejected others? I'd talk in general terms and not specifics. Would anyone be interested in participating in something like this? Calli and I are thinking then it could involve couches and coffee and whathaveyou.


So I've caught up and watched her speech to the Republican Convention. Kinda brings more light to why McCain picked her. She's lively, better looking than him and a bit feisty.

Things are certainly getting very interesting.

Also - check out jaylake's discussion on Palin's attitude towards her daughter and the idea of her having a choice. In Palin's world, abortion wouldn't exist, thus what kind of "choice" did Bristol actually have? And if *she* had the luxury of a choice, why is it okay for her but not for everyone else. Interesting thought.

Saturday night

Just a reminder that a) there's a State election on this weekend and you should vote and b) you should come past my house from 5pm onwards and say hi.

RSVP for catering purposes by tomorrow!

Paul Haines Fund

Morrigan Books have joined forces with the Paul Haines Fund. For every copy of the Australian edition of the anthology Voices, Morrigan Books will donate $2 to the Paul Haines Fund.