September 8th, 2008


City to Surf

So the official times and placings are out (thanks to kathrynlinge). I completed the 12km in 2 hours 2 mins and 30 secs. I was the 8,157th female to cross and 2,098th in my age range (whatever that means).

And that stands as my baseline for next year.

Oh yeah?

how *convenient*

LABOR says it has picked up a data entry error in a crucial seat in the West Australia election which now means the party can form a minority government in its own right.

Foreign Minister and senior Labor Party strategist Stephen Smith said a a re-examination of the count in one of the state's northwest seats showed it would fall to Labor.

"A close look at the figures over the weekend and people's attention being drawn to the data entry error in the northwest Cape (coast) seat, that seat in my view has clearly been won by Labor," Mr Smith said in Perth today.

"So it now opens up the technical possibility that Labor could govern in its own right with the support of two independents."



So *next* weekend is Femmeconne? How is it already nearly the middle of September? I knew this month would be crazy but *come on*!

Took my car to the mechanic this morning - it was a spark plug issue, I believe? Which required duct tape for temporary fixing and I will drop by tomorrow morning for more permanent solution. Am very impressed with self for dealing with car issue promptly and on my own. Means I am starting to walk the talk.

Weekend was a whirlwind. Stuff happened and now we are back in the week again. Huh. Weird how that happens *every* week.

Fascinating article: How the education system fails us

Interesting article in SMH. It's long so here is a snippet. How much of this do we then spend the next 10 years after school trying to figure out on our own? No wonder the world is a confusing place filled with mixed messages and inconsistencies.

Too many schools have lost sight of those things that will be used by our students when they become adults. The relevance of contemporary school education is compromised by many things, not least by exam systems designed not so much to prepare students for life, as to help them get into tertiary education or improve the resume.

What are the things students will use when they are grown up? Any serious answer is unlikely to omit things such as the ability to:

* live in community and forge good relationships;

* communicate well;

* know yourself and what you believe;

* handle intimacy and sex;

* control emotions and impulses;

* manage financial matters;

* do practical things, to clean, cook, make and mend;

* be good mannered and know etiquette;

* accept responsibility;

* be resilient and deal with grief and loss.

Doubtless more topics should be added, but a list even of this length begins to illustrate a chasm between what a student will use when an adult, and what a student is usually taught at school. There are glorious exceptions, of course, and most schools would be doing some things in some of the above areas, but I believe Western education is generally failing to offer its students relevant material.


Monday afternoon in the office

Just popped some coffee into the plunger and then I went to the bathroom whilst it brewed. When I came out of the toilet, I had J pop her head out of her office - "What you making?"
Me: Coffee...???
J: What kind of coffee?
Me: Caramel
J and C: Oooh smells soooo good
Me: Smells better than it tastes

So everyone here is now on a sugar craving cause my coffee has percolated through the office but actually it smells far better than it tastes. And I only drink it when I have NOTHING at all else in my desk.

Further along on the healing path

Tonight I had dinner with my ex-sister-in-law. *Finally* It's taken me more than 8 months to work up to it. I didn't want her to think that I wanted to meet up to hear about the ex and his new life - cause I am seriously uninterested - and I didn't want her to think that I wanted to meet up with her to brag about my new life and have her report that back to him - cause see the first point about not caring.

Thing is though, she and I were friends and lived together, of sorts, for a big chunk of my just passed life and well ... much as we fought and argued and whatever, she actually was a good friend to me. She always told me the truth, and gave me advice woman to woman and even if it was not what I wanted to hear, didn't detract from the fact that she was ultimately right. And she would have saved me 5 years of angst if I'd listened.

But ... how I knew that she is really and truly a friend of mine is that when I was at my ultimate lowest and I desperately needed her help - to help me pack up all my stuff and move it out of the ex's house within several hours so I could once and for all get the hell out (and couldn't get myself to get it done), she was there and she helped me. We worked our arses off for about 5 hours to get it all moved. And I never would have gotten it done on my own and I HAD to get out. And there was so much emotional baggage in that process and she just rolled over the top of it and got the job done.

And it's meant a lot to me and I wanted to thank her in person for it.

And tonight finally we had dinner. And when I thanked her and told her how much that meant to me, she nearly cried. She said that she saw how much pain I was in and that she didn't even think a dog deserved that (but she loves dogs so not sure if that's better or worse?) and that she would have done that for anyone who needed it done. And you know what? She would have. As would I. But the fact is, she did it for me and I'll always remember that. And appreciate it.

So we had a lovely dinner and traded stories and secrets and advice and experience, just like we always did. And I had a good night. We had times where we were the best of friends and we leaned on each other and this was a lovely salute to those days. I hope we will remain friends because she is a good person and she is worldly and world wise and she gives good advice. And I am glad to have been able to return some of that tonight.

And in all ... it was a really healing thing to do and I am glad to have done it.