September 11th, 2008



I so intended to leave after dinner tonight at about 10ish and come home and tidy up my house and finish some work. And get to bed early. Ha! Had dinner with my oldest friend in the whole world. And *obviously* that takes longer than 3 hours!!! I hadn't seen her for ages and we had a lot to debrief, squeal and laugh about. Was tonnes of fun and also, as usual, lots of D&M and things to take away and think about. What I love about really old friends is ... they've known you through thick and thin and through all your "periods" and "ages" and they still love you. You can't get anything past them and they know and see the real you. Kinda gives perspective over every day small dramas. And you can't escape the truth they tell and see in you. Afterall, when someone has known you for 30 years ... they kinda *really* know *who* you are.

September is turning out to be a month of catchups and personal grounding in all sorts of ways. It's living up to my forecast for magic, that's for sure. And I'm getting perspective about a lot of things. And it's reinforcing the idea, for me, that I can be and am happy inside my own picture, as it is. It's warm and comfy in here and I kinda like the decor :-)

I'm hoping tomorrow will be catch up day - both for work and TPP and my life. I have no idea where I am or what I am supposed to be doing ... that will be interesting ... (yes L and J, I do know I am to be at dinner at 7.30!!! )



My life exploded on Monday or Tuesday and I am simply running to keep upright at the moment. At least I was organised coming into this week and everything that I need to do or where I am supposed to be is in the diary and I am following that like my Bible. But it means that I can't organise myself for anything other than that right now - so sooooo sorry for being a total flake - I have like 120 emails in my inbox and unanswered text messages (sorry mynxi) and lack of confirming on things. I *hate* being this flustered but I have so much on to produce in the now that I feel like I am on one of those balls in the water and running to not fall off. (In that image, I'm gonna be a size 10 and wearing polka dot bikinis - cause, why not?)

Also work has exploded cause I suddenly realised I can totally empower myself and yo, use my TPP skills to get things organised and moving (T and B - the spreadsheeting - I just phased that into our work program - and I am still PINK!!). And so that means my whole week has been nuts. But in a good way, I think.

I just went to pilates - now called 'Lattes where we are cause of this really hilarious miscommuication phonecall .. And then thrown back into meetings all afternoon (ugh .. so unproductive! Cept for the second one that I organised to deal with ... becoming more productive!) Anyway - today 'Lattes amused me - we used the Rings of Fire to do the Clam. (Ow!!) and I learned this phrase - Window of Opportunity - as in, reach through the Window of Opportunity and grab your leg.

Okay - back to it.

Love yas!!!


Whee! Was not only home before 11pm tonight but also in bed - technically it was 11.01 but I'm counting it. Yes, yes I have broken the no laptops in bed rule. Whatever. Still, I feel totally bamboozled - there are parts of my house I have not *seen* since Sunday. That's just so weird. I think I have a new sympathy and understanding for people whose lives are like this more often than not. It's just crazy and I don't know how you get out from under it if you don't have time to plan and prepare. The only reason I got through this week was preparation I did for it last week. And thankfully, I blocked out tomorrow night to catch up with myself and prepare before the next week. And wash my clothes. And boring things like that.

I was planning on working till 7pm and then heading off for dinner - that would give me some flex time to sleep in tomorrow morning and get in late. But J, my officemate, finishes at work tomorrow and it seemed like much more fun to head out towards her neck of the woods for a coffee instead. We sat in a cafe and each read the newspaper and had coffee - well, we shared an office, all day after all! We did debrief though, eventually! And I got to help pick the cake for her going away do tomorrow.

Then I headed off for dinner with looneymoth, J and B. Twas hilarious and fun as usual. And the usual amount of seriousness too:

Me: Hey! How come *she* gets to live with *her* ex? Is it because she is stable and sane?
Others in unison: Yes.


Politics, sex, relationships, good hygeine and gender roles all got hotly debated. So much fun! Can't wait for the next dinner! We got kicked out of the restaurant after closing and stood for a long while outside finishing up. I learned *a lot* of things! *nods*

Although I am looking forward to a slow day tomorrow ...


Has it really been 7 years? Already?

I must admit that it hasn't been on my mind a lot today but I was aware the day was coming up. I've been sitting here on the computer with some show on Channel 10 about some of the Firefighters who were first on scene. I have the utmost respect for those guys. But I just am not ready yet to watch that kind of footage - I hope one day that I can, just to try and process it but at the same time, I never want that to be possible in my normal day, if that makes sense? And watching it unfold like any other daily drama, when that's not what it was, is just too distressing to watch.

Seven years is still not yet enough time for me.