September 12th, 2008



If you read this blog and you love me, even a little bit, and see that I am saying that my inbox is overflowing and I am sorry that there are emails I am not replying to but am doing my best to get there ... please please please don't send me a follow up email to ask the same thing or to check if I got your last one.

It's just going to stress me out more and make me cry.

I really am doing my very best to get on top of things and reply and sort things out. I'm flat out at work and have actually only been in front of a computer for about 5 hours in the last 4 days. Which is weird for me and clearly why everything has fallen over. I should be able to reply and sort things out by the end of the weekend. I hope.

Road Trip

(Course now I could be dealing with said emails instead of spamming my friendslist)

I've realised that I really really want to go and see Lake Ballard. Has anyone been? I don't even know where it is or how long it takes other than its more than a day trip but I now have a burning desire to see it.

I guess sometime later in the year would be good to go.


On other things

I don't know how, considering I was flat tack at work today, got a ridiculous number of work things sorted including finalising written advice that I had totally been procrastinating on for ages and almost emptied my intray (that's so I can refill it with all the tasks we devised at our planning meeting but whatever), but ... somehow I think I pulled a book together today. Well, I do know how. I get to work with some of the most amazing people! And they totally had my back today. Which means I am sitting here procrastinating on writing the back cover blurb for the novella, and pretty much the rest of the book is done and ready to go to layout.

Speciall love and hugs to cassiphone and shout out to editormum who is the ultimate in cool.

So yeah ... hmmm... *thinking blurby thoughts* ...

More on Ballard Lake - was chatting with A at work about it and she is totally interested in coming (y'all will love her, she's secretly been borrowing small press anthols and enjoying them) and suggested we stay the night in Kalgoorlie since the lake is one hour out of Kal. And since I've only been to Kalgoorlie once in my life, and for less than 12 hours, I think I'd really love to check it out too. So November seems like a far enough off time to vaguely suggest the road trip, cept hideously, it's also probably the soonest weekend I have free anyway, as it's only, what? Two weeks after Wastelands? How did this year go so quickly???

Step Up

Am sitting here watching Step Up cause I lurve dance movies! I think Step Up 2 was much better but they just did the obligatory dance movie group dance - you know where they're at a dance club or something and suddenly everyone breaks out and does exactly the same dance. I've always secretly hoped that I would somehow find myself in a situation like that - cept noone has even shown me the moves ahead of time - how does everyone *know* the dance??
I love the illogicalness of dance movies and musicals. It's the best!