September 14th, 2008


Morning, Sunshine

Last night I went to bed feeling pretty accomplished. Slept for nine hours which is heaps for me and enjoyed the sound of the storm outside. This morning I woke up to emails from editors yelling at me - not just one, but lots!!! Ack! And my training session was attempting to get moved too!

So ... lots to get done now. Horrible hills to climb at midday. And then high tea with grouchiegrrl this afternoon.

Judaism in the modern world

A GAY couple will wed in a synagogue in an Australian first which could split the Jewish community.

Traditional Judaism regards homosexuality as "abhorrent", but three progressive rabbis have agreed to conduct the Sydney ceremony for bookshop owner Scott Whitmont, 47, and nurse Christopher Whitmont-Stein, 38.

The couple, together for nine years, said they were excited that their relationship would be recognised by their faith, despite same-sex marriage being illegal in NSW.

-- snip --

The couple will wed under the traditional Jewish canopy or chuppah, exchange rings, say blessings over cups of wine and break a glass - another Jewish tradition.
Emanuel Synagogue Rabbi Jeffrey Kamins, said contemporary ethics were at odds with received tradition about homosexuality.
"Contemporary knowledge from biology, psychology and other fields has led to a far deeper understanding of human sexuality," he wrote to congregants.
"Gay or lesbian relationships are not 'deviant', but part of human behaviour."
Orthodox sections of the Jewish community do not condone homosexuality.,23599,24340180-1242,00.html

Over the last couple of months I've been thinking long and hard about the kind of Jew I am and the kind of Jew I want to be. Going to Israel was eye-opening for me this time in a different way to that of my first visit. I saw different parts of Israel and also, I was ten years older. I also discovered a lot about the way that Judaism is presented and observed here in Perth. And it totally changed my perspective.

For example, I have never considered myself to be Chasidic. I have no desire to be Chasidic either. And I found out two things - 1. My grandfather was Chasidic (he was born in Czechoslovakia) and 2. Some of the traditions and customs that have started to take off in Perth are Chasidic. That totally changed things for me - because that's not the kind of Judaism I want to observe and by rejecting these, I am not rejecting Judaism, simply this flavour of it. And because Perth Jewry is small, that appears to be rejecting Judaism but that's not what actually what I am doing at all.

I belong to the Orthodox Synagogue here because my (other) grandfather built it, sat on the board for a very long time and because for most of my life it's been the main Shule to go to. I went to the Jewish (Orthodox) day school. Cause that was the only option. And I have been taught the religion, often in Hebrew, to that degree of observation. None of this I regret. However, I do wonder that if this city offered a Progressive option, whether that would be the flavour of Judaism that I would prefer. Because it's certainly far closer to my own personal beliefs and preferences of observance. I'm glad to be armed with the knowledge though to make that choice. And I choose a different one.



Liberals it is, apparently.

Was interested in this statement by Grills: We were concerned that passing any legislation through the upper house, if we formed a partnership with Labor, relied on the support of the Greens and we didn't think that would be possible.

What kind of legislation are you talking there Dude?

For angriest and for women everywhere

Dear Mr Barnett,

As a woman voter in your state, I write to implore you not to offend, embarrass, dismiss and patronise women by allowing a grown man who admits he runs around the workplace on all fours sniffing chairs that women have vacated to make financial decisions that affect this state.

Please send a clear message to the women of this state and to men who clearly need to know, that this behavior is not tolerated in a cabinet run by you.



Send your own message to:

Australian Idol

Did I just hear one of the guys say he was "going for silver"? Was that a reference to it being better to be runner up, for your career, than winning? Heh.

Also, someone PLEASE hand Marcia a thesaurus. Surely not *everything* can be "dynamITe!"?