September 25th, 2008


Angel Rising

More on Angel Rising, this time from Dirk himself, via his blog:

The novella (Angel Rising) has received short shrift around here, by the way. I should have written more about it, right?

I had a lot of fun writing it. It's an extension of the work I did with New Ceres a while back. Originally, I put together a short story about a man with the fairly thankless job of keeping deliberately low-tech planet New Ceres free of high-tech infiltrators and provocateurs. I liked the character - who modelled himself deliberately on the original Lord Byron - and so it was only natural for me to take him a bit farther. This time, poor Gordon has to deal with another planetary protector gone rogue, an invasion force, ninja, killer nuns, and an amnesiac refugee who may just hold the fate of human civilization tucked away in her head somewhere. Like I said: shitloads of fun.



I had intended to sit down and blog properly about the last few days - I tool notes n'everything. Course, as soon as you sit down after rushing around, the tiredness hits and you can hardly move let alone be bothered doing anything of import. Perhaps I'll blog more about it tomorrow. At the moment, I think the thing I am most impressed with having done/learned this last week was peeing with ease in the bush. I think I have that one perfected now. Also, I didn't realise how scared I actually am of wild pigs. And it turns out I don't much like wearing waders - yes there are photos out there - though they are nifting for ... well, wading and standing round in freezing cold water.

Possibly my favourite bit was finding native orchids at one of our sites - I found three species. Took a few photos and they should make their way here eventually too. Definitely now more interested in bush walking and wildflower hunting. Especially since I have finally sorted the "toilet issue".


Books Books Books

At Conflux!!

If you thought catsparx was a tad quiet of late, it's because she's been working on these.

Dirk Flinthart's edited baby, to be launched with his novella from Twelfth Planet Press.

Rob Hood's Collection from Altair Press

Scary Food Cookbook - all profits from this book will be donated to the Paul Haines Fund.

Perthies can place their orders with me and I'll bring them back over the Nullabor for you.

I blame you, cassiphone

Two nights ago, I had a really fantastic dream - a teen Zom Rom Com. And it was fun and hilarious and romantic and had freaking zombies in it and must surely be leftover from weeks ago when cassiphone was talking about pitching ideas at me and mentioned the genre. I must have spent several weeks subconsciously trying to work out what that would look like!


8pm and I've done nothing

Had to skip back 950 posts on my flist to catch up. Think I kinda have.

Other than that, done nothing. Which is sad considering how productive I've been this week - edited all of Shiny Issue 4 whilst I was away, for example.

Also, I'm really good at baking *except* self saucing puddings which I kill each and every time in my own special way.


More on self image

I love going down south and being amongst the trees. There's just something about being there that clears my head, helps me gain clarity and sends my brain a bit into overdrive. I slept pretty well, except for last night, and dreamed deeply and really complex dreams. I also had a lot of time for thinking - lots of driving to sites and lots of working by yourself for hours on end, counting invertebrates into vials.

So ... did lots of thinking. About a bunch of different things. And I came up with a new working plan for getting myself back on track. I'm looking forward to seeing how that goes tomorrow.

I also mulled over what I posted before leaving about my self image and feminism. And I was thinking that in addition to everything I said, I think my views and image are more complicated. I think also, I don't think I deserve to look nice, and to wear nice things, or even to smell nice and have nice hair, when I am overweight. I think for me it's like that's not someone I want to be (state of mind represented by the weight) or I don't like how I look so I punish myself. I even refuse to buy clothes for myself at certain sizes - to force myself to lose weight. But all it does is make me feel bad about myself and so the spiral continues.

Further to that, I've often and always had this idea that I am invisible. It's ridiculous really. I'm made up of electrons and protons and matter just like everyone else but I often feel like noone can see me. I spose that's partly why I am so loud in a crowd. And then I think if I am quiet, I disappear. And I spose especially I feel that way when I am larger. And there's been lots of times in my life where I have stood in a circle of people and noone has spoken to me at all. And that just perpetuates my idea of my invisibility. (Ha ha! Take that Harry Potter and your pesky "cloak") And I spose then, stepping out and wearing the kind of clothes I secretly really want to wear would most likely push me out into the view of people and I couldn't pretend I can slink off and hide anymore.

Just more thoughts still in processing... thanks everyone for your own thoughts on the subject. They've been really helpful (even if just to admire my lovely shoes!!)