September 27th, 2008


Gonna pop a cap in your ass!

Girlie movie day this arvo at my place with looneymoth and kathrynlinge. It's stupid and teen movies theme and we're sposed to be working/getting things done at the same time. I wrote a long list.

L: You better watch this and get inspiration to do your work!
K: Yeah, or else you'll end up in the 'hood.
gj: I don't wanna a cap in my ass.

I'll end up in a bad place if I don't get my slushing done.

But I keep forgetting that life is not a Hollywood movie - man, if I could get this sorted, the world would make much more sense. I liked what L said to me earlier though - "each reality is it's own reality". Hmmm ... doesn't that mean that *one* of them will be like the movies then?

Hang on, I gotta go kick it!


Why yes, I am still not doing work

I have been promising people lendage of my Arrested Development DVDs but when I just went looking for them now, I couldn't find them and I vaguely remember in the sorting out of DVDs in the "divorce" I still thought we'd be friends and I let the ex keep those. What was I thinking???

K: But did he even understand them?

Damn! I'll have to get my own copy now.

We're watching white teen flicks now. Much less funny dialogue to take the piss out of than the PG Rated faux gangsta movie and perhaps less of a *journey* for the main character.


Last Short Story

Yesterday benpayne suggested we all go check out the spreadsheet which I didn't do till just now and bloody hell but he's actually *finished* one of the pages. I have 792 to do on that page alone.

I'm gonna fail this, aren't I.


Conflux Panel

So I am sitting on two panels at Conflux next weekend plus our book launch:

Canterbury Tales 2100, Creeping in Reptile Flesh and Angel Rising Books Launch on Sunday at 3pm

Community talk - have blogs and websites replaced fanzines? Fiona McLennan, Jaime McDougall (chair), Alisa Krasnostein, Sue Ann Barber, Nyssa Pascoe
Monday 9am (I think I should phone in my excuse now which is - still asleep in (possibly not my*) bed and/or no longer coherent)

(And really, surely the short answer is "yes" since ... check out where we are right now and what we are doing).

The curse of gender – do men and women read and write differently? Russell Blackford, Donna Hanson (chair), Keith Stevenson, Alisa Krasnostein
Monday 11am

And this is the one I am pondering about. Do men and women read and write differently? I was thinking about it in the shower - where I do all my good thinking - and I realised that Trent Jamieson is the only male author we have published in Shiny, twice actually, and I'm pretty sure both the protagonists were female. We had the gay love story in Issue 3, but written by a female author. So it makes me wonder whether female writers and stories are what appeal to me more as a reader?

*Kidding Mum! Just kidding! :-P



I've been working on my email inbox since frigging *Thursday* midday and I STILL have 139 emails to go.

Why?! How?!

Does your nemesis have a suit?

Heh...above question by L.
My reply: Well, he has a coat.
K: They all have coats!!!

Maybe the "coat" is my nemesis?

We are watching Emo Spideyman at the moment. I've not seen it before but it's pretty funny.

My email count is at 124. Sorry for the random replies to *really* old conversations/emails.

Man ... I so have work to do! Can't bring myself to audit TPP monies. Have to but the thought makes me cry.

Ow! I'm blind now!

OMG! I just found out something that I don't think I'll ever have been old enough to know!

Which led to this:

gj: Oh no! I never thought I was vanilla! But maybe I *am* vanilla
K: Well ... there's "vanilla" and then there's "*chocolate*"
L: I think it's more like a spectrum
K: I'm more like "frappucino"
L: Did you say something about "gerkins"?

gj: I will never ever be the same again. I'm always going to look just that little bit older.
L: And how do you find out that you're into *that* anyway? Do you just wake up one day ...

I think I have burst something in my brain, it hurts!