September 28th, 2008


Sunday night

Am sitting here drinking champers with editormum and her hubbie and watching Australian Idol. We had a lovely dinner and then were entertained by two overly energetic dancing kiddies. T's hubby provided hilarious commentary ala Roy and HG's The Dream: Oh yes! Leg up in the air. At least this time she's wearing pants. Oh yes! Lovely. Turned that into a roll. Fantastic choreography.

I've struggled all day with a hangover though I didn't actually drink yesterday. After training (4 circuits of Mounts St), I headed down to Rocky to visit with T and to do the baking for the book launch at Wastelands II. We made 200 teeny tiny cupcakes and are exhausted now. I'll ice em tomorrow. Also, T took me out to the shops and helped me run a bunch of errands. I was mostly incoherent but as usual, T took my to do list on as hers and hunted all the things down.

Probably champers is not the right medicine for my ails but ... ah... too late now.

Y'all keep asking about the thing that broke my brain as though it's some kind of exciting kinky but it's not. Really. But if you want to know. And you *want* to be grossed out (seriously, you don't want to go there, trust me), go to wikipedia and search for "2 Girls, 1 Cup". And don't complain to me that your brain exploded.

Sunday is the new Saturday

Tomorrow is a public holiday in WA.

Then I shall steal one next weekend from the ACT as well.

And I have yet to receive my new work contract even though I have been hassling HR for weeks. Does that mean I don't have to show up on Oct 1?