September 29th, 2008


Slept away the day!

Somehow, I managed to sleep in till 9.30 this morning at editormum's house. Yes, I heard children running, shouting, yelling at each other across the house. But I just pulled the blanket up higher and went back to sleep.

Must have been tired ...

Only got up because there are 200 espresso and cappuccino cupcakes to ice, websites to create, business cards to make, stories to return edited, reviews to write, presents to buy and errands to run. And Rosh Hashanah is in 8 hours or so and counting!

HAPPY NEW YEAR (5769) EVERYONE! Dip your apple in some honey and have a sweet, round new year! May you be inscribed in the Book of Life, whether you want to or not! *loves*!



From homonculus to me: Thank you for making me feel better about my pile.

Heh. *totally* unrelated to previous subject matter on this blog!

Seriously though, we were talking about how big our to read piles were - like nonprofessional, for fun reading. I reckon my pile is at least 5 years worth. And that's probably just being polite. Bearing in mind that I read slowly and mostly 8 books at a time. But ... I do worry that I will run out of things to read. What if there was a strike that meant I couldn't get to a library or my friends' house and I ran out of things to read?! And I read by mood so I need to have a bunch of things on the go, in all directions (nf, bios, shorts, novels, sf, romance, murder mystery etc etc). And finally, people keep giving me read lists to work through! Too much to read, too little time.

The other night, I pulled out V for Vendetta and started it. Looks pretty good, though a tad depressing. Coupled with Little Brother which I am also reading and Sean Williams' Star Wars Force Unleashed and my recreational reading is very dark indeed!

Aside: OMG! editormum just "ruined" a batch of cupcakes and they are OMG the best cupcakes I have *ever* eaten in my life! Nigella's Chocolate Cherry Cupcakes.

State of Aussie Specfic

I walked in the door here last night and got berated and blamed for an awesome little project that editormum had started working on yesterday. She's been working on distribution and marketing of small press and that's her little baby and I take no blame in that at all.

But it reminded me of something I had raised at the KSP Minicon panel on What's Hot and What's Not last week and I thought I would blog it here. For a while now I've been thinking that the Aussie short story and small press scene seems to be becoming a bit stale. I know that Shane J Cummings mentioned it on his blog a while back and Ben Payne has responded and also written his own pieces on the Golden Age and the boom and bust in Aussie specfic small press.

But... I thought I would add ... that I think one of the things that's Not Hot right now is Aussie short stories. Most of our top writers are working on novels at the moment. We have almost no regular short story magazines that are meeting regular publication schedule. Nothing says to me stale more than finally getting my copy of Aurealis 40 and reading in the back News section about someone having a baby in 2006. I know that Shiny is behind schedule but part of that reason is that we couldn't actually fill Issue 4 until a month or two ago and in fact this issue only has one Aussie writer in it and technically she also qualifies as a NZ.

Is the Aussie short story scene dying? Is it dying faster than the short story scene entirely? Has Aussie small press run out of steam?

Fairy Wings

gj: Do I need to wear *my* favourite fairy or princess costume to G's party next week?
T: I have spare wings ...
gj: Oh, I have my *own* pair of wings
T: Just another one of the things I didn't know about you. Yet I am not surprised.


Cappucino Cupcakes

200 itty bitty cupcakes made and iced. Below are the cappucino ones and there are also some espresso ones with dark chocolate icing.

Come to the launch of Dirk Flinthart's Angel Rising at Wastelands II, October 18 and 19 (launch on Saturday 18th late afternoon) and taste them for yourself.

And yes that's me and yes I am still in my pjs. What of it?!


Broken Brain

Conversation with editormum

gj: Oh this reminds me, when I have kids, will you teach me these kinds of things? I already asked callistra that too ...
T: What things?
gj: Oh you know, with microwaving and babies
T: Don't microwave babies.
T: You can go to jail for that.
gj: Oh. Okay. Thanks.


Overheard from the kitchen:

T: Oh goody! Finally something I can lick!


Argument between editors:

gj: I thought I'd wing it. Last week I wung it.
T: What??
gj: Past tense of "wing" is "wung" ...

Isn't it? Or is it "wang". T thinks it's "winged" - surely not?
Man, tomorrow I am back at normal life but the brain got broked some time this last few days.