October 1st, 2008



I'm going to Canberra TOMORROW!

That means I actually have to like, pack TONIGHT - or at the minimum do my laundry. How did time slip past me like this? I totally thought I had another day buffer. How did this happen?

I feel all discombobulated. I'm so not organised.

Conspiracy Theory

Just got this emailed to me.

What do you think?


This is a long story, but if you have any interest in what's going on in the financial markets, I think you'll find it a more useful analysis than you're likely to find anywhere else.

I encourage you to invest the five minutes it will take to read this, before you check the link at the bottom.


*** A short explanation of how we got to where we are
Today's banking crisis is the THIRD trillion dollar plus US-caused financial meltdown in the last twenty years.

Each one of these crises came into being through the same basic mechanism...the fraudulent over-valuing of financial assets by Wall Street - with a "wink and a nod" (and sometimes a lot more) from the White House and Congress.

The fraudulently valued assets stimulate the economy, impart the illusion of health and then, inevitably, the fraud goes too far and the whole house of card comes painfully crashing back to earth.

The three trillion dollar plus frauds were:
Fraud #1: The so-called "Savings and Loan Crisis" of the late 80s
Fraud #2: The so-called "Tech Bubble" of the late 90s
Fraud #3: The so-called "Credit Crisis" of today

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Conflux Book Launch - Presales

You can now organise to prepay and collect your Agog/Altair/Twelfth Planet Press books at our book launch at Conflux, from me back in Perth or have them posted out to you directly from the Small Press Table at Conflux.

Don't forget that you can purchase your Limited Edition Scary Food Cookbook and have it thrown into any of the orders below for free postage.

Conflux Books Launched - please select the option with postage included if you need your book posted to you

Please choose the option that includes postage if you want it posted to you.

Brain is brokenated


Too many chocolate covered snakes. And they didn't even work to make things better today. Head is swimming and flitting from task to task and back again and I am achieving very little today.

Ugh. I *hate* being unproductive.

*grumps off*


Financial Crisis - of the Third Kind

On the weekend I went down to hang out with editormum. It was a good use of part of the long weekend to do Twelfth Planet Press stuff face to face - even though for lots of it the living area looked like an internet cafe with three terminals and people logged in and sitting back to back. But good to shout out across the room for things to be emailed or to just bounce ideas off each other.

Unfortunately for me though, as editormum becomes more and more involved in the running of the Press, she is uncovering the many hidden and horrible secrets I have swept under the carpet. Like that I keep horribly bad records. She had reason to go into my Paypal account and was horrified by the mess she found there. I am quite ashamed.

See ... sometimes you need to ask for help when you get a brain freeze on something. Especially if it's an important something. Because often the reason you can't do it has nothing at all to do with the difficulty of the task but the emotions that you have wrapped up in it.

So for me, I can't do TPP finances for two reasons.
1) For some reason I apply the rule of the DRAFT to everyone but ME. Meaning that I expect myself to somehow come up with a perfect document or system at first try and forget that it's okay to draft something and then tinker and correct it. So what I do is do nothing. I don't put in place even temporary systems since these won't clearly be the final ones and will need redoing. Course, they end up getting more and more of a mess and needing more and more time spent to redo anyway due to no operating system at all.

2) I am scared of the red number that finalising the TPP finances will create.

Course when I expressed these two things to T, she dismissed them, generated 3 spreadsheets one each for the 3 years I have had a paypal account and then emailed me these with a 5 step instruction process to do the TPP finances.

I might have printed these off onto A3 sheets - OMG 16 per year! And I might have started going through them. And OMG I have discovered something worse than the big red TPP number of fear - a bloody lot of transactions of yarn purchasing frenzy that was 2006. Now I am scared to add up that number - though technically I spose I don't need to know that one and possibly that's too many horrible truths for one over-caffeinated day anyway.


Catch ups

(You can tell that editormum dropped in past my house tonight ...)

Did I lend someone my prized copy of Ted Chiang's The Merchant and the Alchemist's Gate? I can't seem to find it.

Calling out for new reviewers at ASif!

We're looking for more reviewers to come share the review copy fun at ASif! We're currently going through our review copy bookshelf and have found the following packages that are free to a good reviewing home in return for a well-written review of each:

- The Two Pearls of Wisdom by Alison Goodman (review 1 soon up at ASif is a rave)
- Emperor (Time's Tapesty Book 1), Conqueror (Time's Tapestry Book 2) and Weaver (Time's Tapestry Book 4) by Stephen Baxter (sorry dunno if we ever got Book 3)
- Blood Ties (Castings Trilogy Book 1), Deep Water (Castings Trilogy Book 2) - by Pamela Freeman
- The Changeling, and The Dust Devils by Sean Williams (YA Fantasy)
- Threshold (Prequel to Darkglass Moutnain Trilogy), The Serpent Bride (Darkglass Mountain Trilogy Book 1), The Twisted Citadel (Darkglass Mountain Trilogy Book 2), by Sara Douglass 
- Night Shift by Lilith Saintcrow and Dark Curse by Christine Feehan (  paranormal)
- Books 1 through 4 of the Pagan Chronicles by Catherine Jinks
- Wolf of The Plains (Opening of the Conqueror Series) and Bones of the Hills (Book 3?) by Conn Iggulden
- Exodus (Book 1 of Hellgate London) and Goetia (book 2 of Hellgate London) by Mel Odum

Email me at girlie dot jones @ gmail dot com or comment here to apply.


I'm still not packed, I really do hate packing. On the other hand, I also hate unpacking so I found a bunch of things still in my suitcase from Turkey - berocca, tissues those sorts of things. [info]asimmum came over and was "helping" but really we picked my dress for the banquet (need to not eat gluten between now and then...) , put a bunch of books next to my suitcase to take with me and then did a bunch of TPP things. I got several talkings to about looking after myself, drinking water and getting enough sleep and am supposed to be sleeping now!! Grr... she's right and I am only going to feel crappy - when the adrenalin runs out on Monday!

TPP is growing. It's both exciting and scary at the same time. After much discussion, it's clear that it's time for TPP to get her own chequing and paypal accounts. And we've had kaitlynfall join the team for the next 5 months, taking our staff to 4! I haven't said much but electricant joined the ASif! team as Subeditor quite a few months ago now and it's been AWESOME! I love that ASif has a Subeditor now and electricant is doing a totally amazing job holding up the fort, sometimes singlehandedly. I'm working on this delegating thing and slowly and surely, with fantastic people to delegate to, I'm discovering that it means less stress, things get done competently and on faster turnarounds and um, that all means I can take on more projects *grins*

Bed now. Next sleep after this one is in the nation's capital .

(hah was totaly gonna type: bed now before editormum  comes home and finds me online and I just got IM busted! )