October 2nd, 2008


GUFF 2008 Race!

So, I really want to go to Eastercon LX. I have a bunch of ideas starting to form and would love the opportunity to meet European fans in person and do general fannish hobnobbing. And that would be why I am running for GUFF 2008!

The race is on and the candidates are: Me (Alisa Krasnostein), Sue Ann Barber and Trevor Clark, and Norah Ding.

Voting is open to anyone who was active in fandom prior to June 2006, and who contributes at least GBP5 or AUD10 (or the equivalent in other currencies) to the fund. You can vote via Paypal or (soon!) download and send in a completed ballot. Vote via paypal or send cheque or money order or cash in person to (Ang) ang dot rosin at gmail dot com or (Damien) dmw@pobox.com. Voting ends 2008-November-24 23:59 UTC.

About the candidates
Sue Ann Barber and Trevor Clark can't wait to meet lots of fans at Eastercon LX. They love conventions and fandom and all of the opportunities they present. Between them they have: run conventions; edited fanzines; programmed conventions; run awesome panels; created a Fan Fund; started an SF history project; been SF club and convention committee members; and have just been there to make sure events come together. They are passionate about Lego, SF TV, graphic novels, stereo photography and flying cars. They really want to experience UK fandom first hand and are looking forward to seeing you all in the bar.

Sue Ann and Trevor's nominators are Bruce Gillespie, Danny (Heap) Oz, Grant Watson, James Bacon, and Claire Brialey.

Norah Ding at almost two years old represents the future of fandom. She is the child of an Australian and a European fan who met at Eastercon '06. She has been attending conventions in Australia and the UK and would like to meet more fannish children!

Norah would be accompanied by her mother Kylie. Kylie has been attending cons since the Worldcon in '99. She likes corsetry and won the best hall costume at Eastercon '06. She found UK fandom friendly and welcoming (particularly Norah's father ;-) and would like to meet more.

Norah would like to visit her daddy.

Norah's nominators are Ju Landesse, Sarah Parker, Shay Telfer, Julie Faith Rigby-McMurray, and Oscar Logger.

Alisa Krasnostein says: I have been active in fandom since 2005 but what I lack in mileage, I more than make up for in enthusiasm. I am Executive Editor of the multi-award winning review web-site ASif!, a manic blogger and short story reader. I have a passion for small press publishing and edit two ezines (Shiny and New Ceres) and co-edited the print anthology 2012, also released this year. I love cons, long discussions at the bar, room parties and general silliness. I'm interested in meeting European fans, trading ideas and building bridges to establish some collaborative projects to connect Australian and European fandom in the long term. I'd love to bring my room party GirlieCon to LX 2009.

Alisa's nominators are Lucy Sussex, Cat Sparks, Gene Melzack, Robert Shearman, and Fran Dowd.

About GUFF
What is GUFF? GUFF was created in 1979. Known as the Get Up-and-over Fan Fund or the Going Under Fan Fund, depending on which direction it's running, GUFF exists to provide funds to enable well-known fans from Australasia and Europe to visit each other's national (or other) conventions and to get to know each other's fandoms better. GUFF, like other fan funds, exists solely through the support of fandom. The candidates for each trip are voted on by interested fans, and each vote is accompanied by a monetary donation. These votes, and the continuing generosity of fandom through auctions and other donations, are what make GUFF possible.

You can find out more information about GUFF here.


Okay - so I'm checked into my flights.

I have most of the TPP/Agog things I had to get done done.

I have plenty of plane reading including subbed shorts and the very latest version of a certain novel by a very certain author. I should take LSS shouldn't?

Final handover to do here and then off to get final shopping items shopped and final errands to run.

The countdown is on!

bounce bounce

So, I'm like totally on holidays right now!! I realised this at 3pm at the Galleria whilst trying to find feathers. Feathers are hard to find btw - though I know where you can get furry cowboy hats, should you have the need.

I did find some feathers - phew!!! And pearls. And I forgot to buy a cashbox which was the point of the exercise!

However, my bag is totally packed - which I am surprised by. I've sorted out most of those things you sort out before you leave. And my lift is coming in an hour - M is taking me to the airport which is sweet cause my Mum is sick AND it means we can catch up and have a coffee too. I'm so lucky to have met M - she is so cool.

Also I thought I might blog that I am so HAPPY in life right now. So often I whinge that I think it's good to note when you are content and sparkly too. And in less than 12 hours I am gona be amongst a bunch of other people I love and only get to see for a long weekend every 6 months.

And my voice is already a bit husky and my throat a bit sore. HOW does this happen *every* time?!!!

See those of you going to Conflux very very soon! And the rest of you, later!!! Miss me while I'm gone and email me every 5 minutes!