October 6th, 2008


That was Conflux 5

Woot! *finally* home from Conflux ... that took a long time! (Yes thank you to everyone who texted or emailed to gloat that they were home already.) And I feel a bit sad cause it took my taxi driver three goes to give me the right change. Bad maths skills make me sad.

So. Conflux. Much happened. I am very tired. I lost my voice on Saturday and spent the whole con hearing people say, "sorry, I wasn't listening, I tuned out and just let your husky tones wash over me." Yes, everyone thought it was hilarious I had no/not much voice - and it was mostly from talking too much and partying a leetle too hard.

If I had one word to summarise the con, it would be serendipity. I had an awesome time and to give you an idea, the lovely lilysea gave me a lift to the airport and stayed for a coffee and chat and at the end I was sad because she was my last goodbye at the end of the con and she pointed out flinthart sitting a few tables away and then Lucy Sussex popped out from the crowd to join us. It turned out that flinthart was on the same plane as me to Melbourne, not three seats away and close enough to call out and tell me that the reason our plane had been delayed was because it got hit by lightning. And then we got to have dinner and drinks in Melbourne Airport and catch up which was so excellent because we hadn't really had the chance even though we promised we would at this con and also because we didn't have to do that lonely trip home after the con alone.

And that's kinda how my whole con was. A bunch of serendipitous events.

Highlights include the 1920s Banquet, Margo's launch for Tender Morsels and Cat Sparks' photo essay that followed, the room parties, the dealer's table (since I saw a lot of it) and catching up with so many people. I had a ton of inspiring, evoking and interesting conversations. Much business was done - and many plots were conspired.

I also had the chance to right a few wrongs and mend some old, scorched bridges.

I had a great time. Details to follow.

ETA: Heh. Just checked my flist for the exact above "checking in and arrived home safe" post from everyone else!