October 8th, 2008


Have you voted yet for your GUFF candidate?

Who can vote for GUFF?
Anyone who was active in fandom prior to June 2006, and who contributes at least GBP5 or AUD10 (or the equivalent in other currencies) to the fund.

Why should you vote for GUFF?
Because it's more fun than voting in the US Election.
Because either way you get a good candidate.
Because decisions are made by those who show up and vote.
Because the oppportunity to forge greater bonds between Aussie and European fandom is too good and too important to be complacent about.

Why should you vote for me?
I make good cupcakes.

Click here to go through to all the information.

random tidbits

So I am still at home sick and am overdosing in Buffy (that's for you Rachel!) and last night I dreamed of a haunted bathroom (that's too much Buffy). It reminded me of the poltergeist we had in our bathroom at Conflux - who's haunting consisted of randomly flushing the toilet at intervals. When I complained - Rob and Cat thought that really I should enjoy such a hygienic ghost.


I feel a bit silly but I very tidily balanced the monies of the sales at the con, packed up all the books, sorted out the Agog Press books to come back to the West Coast with me and then left, sans books. And I didn't realise till I was at the airport:
Me: Damnit! I am so ineffective when my brain turns off!
Lilysea: Because ... other people are really effective when their brains turn off?


Woot! Just got past all the sickly sweet preAngelus Buffy episodes! Bring on the angst and the violence and the torture and the rest!!!!!


So. The biggie. See how I have hidden it down here at the bottom of the post? I think I am going to have to really ramp up this weight loss thing. A bunch of people spoke to me about their own weight issues and desire to lose weight throughout the weekend. If you are wanting support and encouragement, feel free to email me as a friend and confidante. I am more than happy to go through this with you. Meanwhile, I think I am going to send this one to the top of my to do list. It's the beginning of October so that means there is ample time for this to get reasonably on its way before the end of the year and not be on next year's resolution list. I have a NYE before photo to meet up with on Jan 1.


G'mar Hatima Tova!

In vague translation - to those out there about to start, or have already started or will soon start their Yom Kippur Fast, I wish you well over the fast!

I am not going to fast this year since I am sick. And I don't feel up to being able to stand for several hours in Shule either so I won't be attending. I feel a bit bad about that but ... I am sick. Instead, I think I will read a bit of the service to myself at home and think about things.

I would like to apologise for any hurt or wrong that I have done to you over the last year and ask for your forgiveness for my actions. I wish every one a good fast, may you all be inscribed in the Book of Life and may we all have a good and plentiful year ahead.