October 9th, 2008



Something tells me that 3 hours before the end of the Yom Kippur Fast is probably not the right time to try a brand new chocolate cake recipe with ganache, especially if that is the item you are taking to the breaking of the fast. The boy has me paranoid about not trying new recipes for the first time when you serve them to other people. On the other hand, the breaking of the fast is at my sister's and she is such a good cook and tries new things on big occasions all the time. Maybe I got inspired?

Still. The mixture looked less than smooth. And did I tell you that I am incapable of melting chocolate? Yes, yes I know all the drinks yet still I suck at it.

That said ... oddly it appears that I have in fact made lactose-free ganache which is chilling in my fridge as I type. Shall have to see how the cake goes.


OOh Moral Dilemma

So I've been cleaning out my study since I got home from Conflux. Not an overly taxing task and something that I have been dipping in and out of when I had the energy. Basically sorting through papers and either ditching or filing. And I think I am finally starting to get somewhere.

Anyway. I'm a hoarder from way back. Chances are if you ever sent me a card or a postcard, I stuck it in a box and moved it from house to house. I've moved something like 8 times in the last 6 years or something equally horrendous. Anyway, at some point I'd like to lug less crap with me. I wasn't at a place where I could downsize on the last move but I guess I've always been thinking that I would slowly work my way through it when I unpacked properly in this house.

So I open this box and find a bunch of cards and as I begin to toss them, I realise that they are actually all the sympathy cards the ex was sent when his father died. So I fished them back out of the trash and now I have a little pile of them. He would never have kept them himself but somehow it doesn't feel right to throw them out. I don't really want to return them to him either.

What should I do?

(Update on the cake - the ganache is refusing to set - or solidify to stay on the cake. EEK! )


I am such an impatient being! That's all the ganache needed in the end!

Cake is topped with the ganache and then I grated chocolate on top to hide some inconsistencies with the melted chocolate :-) and it looks pretty good.

Am off now to help my sister set up!