October 10th, 2008



I have much to do today. I am back at work and even got in well before 8.30.

My voice appears to be back into the realms of deep, sultry, husky instead of non existent whisper.

And it's nearly the weekend.

Last Short Story

Sigh. Okay. So ... the publishing world exists three months ahead of regular time. That means that we already have an LSS 2009 spreadsheet and are receiving review material for 2009. I kind of have this dream of one day reading at pace and not being constantly behind. Further, I feel really bad because I have been reading at the lower end of the publishing spectrum for most of this year - that means I haven't been qualified to help out Jonathan with input to his Year's Best which he is really polishing up at this stage.

So to whit I have decided to let benpayne be the winner at who read the most this year and join the other two with the zeroing. And next year I think I am going to have to bring in a personal rule that says I can't read at the lower end unless I have already read all the top end material we have received.

Also, I'm going to start publishing the LSS Reading Tally daily.

To Read
Alisa: 1532
Ben: 118
Tansy: 1122
Alex: 1137

Current total in Spreadsheet: 3098



A just called me to tell me some important work thing and cracked up laughing when I answered the phone:

A: Normally you work really hard to put on that voice
Me: Yeah that's me not even trying
A: That is *so* husky
Me: Yeah, this is a huge improvement. This is after not speaking to anyone for three days.

I can't return any of the voicemail messages - people will think I'm some skanky Jazz cabaret act.


Have you voted for your GUFF candidate yet?

Who can vote for GUFF?
Anyone who was active in fandom prior to June 2006, and who contributes at least GBP5 or AUD10 (or the equivalent in other currencies) to the fund.

Why should you vote for GUFF?
Voting is fun.
There's a preferential balloting system - also fun.
Because if you don't, who will?

Why should you vote for me?
I make good cupcakes.
I speak the local dialect.

Click here to go through to all the information.

Cake Feedback

I am glowing with Jewish Domestic Gpddess pride. My cake did well. It had a lot of competition - there were two other cakes as well as dessert (fruit salad, choc mousse and pavlova) and I came home with only one quarter of my cake left uneaten. I am very happy!! Good cake. I will likely bake it again some time. After all the worrying it was actually very easy to make.

What else? My uncle and his wife and kids are in town, last night and tonight only, for Yom Kippur. So had a lovely catch up with them. My uncle is a banker so I got him to reexplain a lot of the recent market meltdown stuff to me. It was pretty cool except for the dawning realisation that the world actually mixes fiction and reality together and that can't be a good thing.

Me: It seems to me much of this is fiction, though.
Uncle: Yes, and we want it to stay that way for as long as it possibly can.

And further on ...

Uncle: So banks loan each other money, and they insure each others loans. So that market is worth 62 trillion dollars. 62 trillion is a number that is hard to relate to
Me: Well, it's a made up number isn't it.
Uncle. It's a made up number ...

My understanding after the mini lecture was that we are in fact screwed. Good to know, eh? But it occurs to me, my main businesses are the environment and books - both kind of luxuries for good time eras. Not really something you spend money on in down times. That can't surely be a good thing.

Me: So we're approaching a world recession then ...
Uncle: We *were* in a recession
Me: and now?
Uncle: Now we are on the cusp of a great depression
Me: huh.
Me: So what will call this one then?
Uncle: Well there was the War to End All Wars ... and then the second one.
Me: So this is just the Great Depression II
Uncle: *nods*

I should have gone for ... The Great Depression, the Sequel .. shouldn't I? Damnit!!! He's far too snarky and funny!!

My awesomely cool cousin found and burned for me a CD for Teach Yourself Klingon! How cool is that! He wasn't sure if I was still into Trekdom (no comment) but he saw it and thought of me. I think that's so sweet and I also think that it would be cool to learn a bit of Klingon in time for Worldcon in 2010. Tell me I won't need it!

Other than that there was only one horrible child event. My sister and her husband are kind of gradually working their way up to doing the kid thing, I think. But their house is totally unkidfriendly and they still get ticked off by kids wandering around with crayons and running in the house. Last night though, their 3yo niece came running through the sliding door and got caught - her shoe or trunk of her body - in the cords for the horizontal blinds. She didn't know what had happened and she couldn't get herself out and she obviously had been coming in to go to the toilet. Suddenly there was high pitched hysterical screaming and people lunging towards her - she wasn't in danger, she was just very distressed. Anyway. She had an accident. No drama. The floors are fake wood and all was easily cleaned up (and yes, I actually helped - don't look so shocked!!).

So on debriefing with my sister and her husband afterwards, I was pointing out how they were getting a dog soon and dogs do that too. And that they will likely childproof their house when they get the dog. And my brother in law says: Blind cords cause urination, that's what we learned here tonight.



Damn the cuteness!

I got this email from editormum [1] the other night.

Gwynne got two new princess barbies for her birthday. Their names are Liana and Alexia, but I thought you'd be pleased to know that Alexia has become Princess Alisa :)

Can you even get over the cuteness of that!! Kids and their selling themselves! Honestly, I tell you.

[1] Tehani has made the shift from ASIM and is still tying up lots of loose ends. Thence the lj name change.