October 12th, 2008


Still in a great mood!!!

Ooh what a lovely morning it is here! Am just about to go off to Freo to meet up with a work friend for brunch (the rest of the group piked!) for my second brunch of the weekend! I love brunch!!!

I had 10 hours of pretty much uninterrupted sleep! Fantastic! I am relaxed and energised.

I might have just bought a short story - also good way to start the day!

And this afternoon I am joining my mum for afternoon tea at some establishment I am apparently less than for not having yet patronised!

And in between I am going to read like the wind for Last Short Story, type up my ten Buffy commentaries to give to Rachel, work out my TPP post-Conflux monetary things and tidy up my office. I might even slush, if I feel so inclined!

Have a great day all!

(oops, note to self, don't eat chocolate first thing in the morning on an empty stomahc. Posts may appear more enthusiastic than they really are)

It's Carnage!

Another thing you didn't know about me: I collect historic newspaper front pages. I think it goes back to when my dad showed me that he saved the front page of the West Australian from the day man landed on the moon - that seemed pretty cool to me so now I kinda keep pages that I think will be similarly cool later.

So yesterday I went a bought yesterday's paper with the heading: It's Carnage.

Let's hope not, eh?

I told you it was a beautiful day, right?

It's supposed to be raining here today but it isn't.

Just back from an utterly glorious brunch with A. We went to Little Creatures who it turns out do amazing breakfasts. I had grilled field mushrooms sprinkled with chilli sitting on avocado, tomato and basil leaves and I added two poached eggs to the order. Utterly delicious (Jules after I ate it I thought of you and wished I'd taken a photo!)! And then much gossiping till A's soon to be husband came and joined us for coffee. I would definitely go back there - the service was great and it wasn't too busy at that hour (I even got parking right out the front).

On the way home I enjoyed the view of the ocean, the brightness of the blue sky and the soft breeze through the car window and the utter happiness in my heart of being in the moment.

Awesome day.

I think I am in such a good mood that I might actually attack and start organising my bookshelves (a task that has been waiting about a year now and will involve admitting how big my to read pile and borrowed books are and find a plan to whittle these both down).

Last Short Story

Oops ... forgot to post this every day!!

To Read
Alisa: 1184
Ben: 202
Tansy: 1165
Alex: 1119

Current total in Spreadsheet: 3110

We've been talking it over a lot over the last couple of days and I think we will be doing things a bit differently from next year (*cough* later this year *cough*) onwards. The approaches we are thinking about adopting have me a lot more enthusiastic again about reading. I would like though to get on top of this year's pretty soon so I can be decadent and read long length stories over my Christmas/New Years break.


Have you voted for your GUFF candidate yet?

Who can vote for GUFF?
Anyone who was active in fandom prior to June 2006, and who contributes at least GBP5 or AUD10 (or the equivalent in other currencies) to the fund.

Why should you vote for GUFF?
Because it's kind of a lot of money to be allocated by the click/stroke of just 60 voters.

Why should you vote for me?
I make good cupcakes.
I speak the local dialect.
My favourite drinks are pink!

Click here to go through to all the information.

Oh I say! A Challenge!

cassiphone challenged us at Last Short Story to read one anthology this week that we've been wanting to read and haven't gotten around to yet.

I think I am going to choose Starry Rift.

And soon I am taking myself off to bed to get started on it.

Wasteland II: Age of Iron

Check out the new program for Wasteland II here

Wasteland II: Age of Iron and Sin Present:
I am pleased to announce a special "Steampunk" theme night at Sin, in conjunction with Wasteland II:Age of Iron on the night of the 18th of October. Presenting your WII:AoI membership will get you 4$ entry on the night. Patrons will be encouraged to dress in suitable attire. Many thanks to Sin for allowing us to do this joint event.

What is it?
Wastelands II, Age of Iron is a two day convention focusing on the futures of yesterday, and the glories of tomorrows that never were.
There will be two streams over two days. including workshops, panels, and presentations. Discounts for people dressed in theme.

Wastelands is on the Saturday, October 18, and Sunday the 19th 2008 at the Good Earth Hotel in Perth, WA.

Where is it?
The Good Earth Hotel, Perth

How do I pay?
It's $65 for a full membership, or $60 concenssion.
You can pay on the day, or you can pay via Paypal in advance.
Email us at callisto at g mail dot com if you want to pay in advance.