October 13th, 2008



Noisy people in the office today talking on the top of their voices about *nothing of import*!!!!!!!!!

*searches for angry metal music and headphones*

Wastelands II: Age of Iron - THIS WEEKEND!

I got distracted last night but I meant to post the panels and things that I shall be on this weekend at Wastelands II:

Don't miss the Twelfth Planet Press Book launch for Angel Rising by Dirk Flinthart at 11:30 am on Saturday. There will be cupcakes.

Then I am on two panels on Saturday Afternoon:
Small Press Explosion! at 13:30 and Women in Small Press at 15:30

And then on Sunday I shall be sipping coffee and nibbling on delicious pastries (or just muffins) at Editors Coffee Klatch at 13:30. I understand that you need to register for the Coffee Klatch during the con and the places are limited.

And the rest of the program looks pretty darn smashing, I think. So if you are dithering, commit and come down to Wastelands II this weekend!


Good science in sciene fiction!

Courtesy of flinthart is a lovely article (here), or bit of one anyway, that reminds us of a certain suave male New Ceresian resident:

Artificial electric eel cells could be implanted in the human body to generate power for medical implants and other small devices. That's according to new research by American scientists, which suggests it's possible to build artificial cells replicating the electrical behaviour of electric eel cells.


Awesome Horoscopes

A couple of weeks ago, maybe longer, I signed up for this free daily horoscope that gets emailed to me. I think there was also a romantic singles horoscope too. They are so unbelieavably bad that I have not unsubscribed as it's my guaranteed laugh in the evening. The singles one pretty much always says something unbelievably helpful like: couples who last are compatible people. That kind of thing.

Anyway, today's which could be seen as unbelievably depressing, wants me to fork out some cash to get a prediction to answer this question: Will you ever fall in love.

Imagine if you pay and the answer is ... sorry. No.



Work politics

I could cry, to tell the truth. This place always goes on about how it doesn't understand why it has trouble retaining staff. Noone asks *me* though! I started hunting through my records today to see what the Dept thinks my employment status is - on the 30th my contract expired, I enquired and then my boss enquired and apparently the renewal was signed and waiting for processing and I would get it by the time I came back from Canberra. I've not seen any paperwork so I went looking. Apparently I got an extension through payday and that expires Thursday. So I queried this at about 9.30am. My boss has been chasing it all day and we just found out that ... they still have the form and are waiting to process it.

You'd think they would frigging at least email you and tell you that you are employed? I'm sitting here wondering if no news is bad news. What if I needed to prove that I currently have a job to say ... oooh I dunno, some other Govt Dept or a bank or something?

Grrr... I just do not like this place much at the moment.

Good News Week!

Great quote on GNW:

You know, anyone who has to mention he's a maverick in every single sentence? He might be a maverick, but he's a dickhead maverick.




So the truth is, I hit burn out a couple of days ago. It's not so surprising and the losing the voice and days off work were also a bit of a giveaway. But for me, to really notice, my skin has to go. I've been genetically blessed with good skin. I don't really have to do anything and it's clear and good so when it starts to look serious blech, that's a sign I cannot ignore.

So I am trying to get sleep. Mosly I'm dead exhausted so that one's not hard - I had two other posts and a bunch of things I also wanted to get done tonight and Supernatural looks good but I think after this post I might crash for the night.

But the big trick for me is apples. Weird but true - my mothers's solution to bad skin and whilst it sounds like an old wives tale and may not work for you, unfortunately, for me, it works every single time. So I took myself off to the shops yesterday and realised, it's been more than 5 years since I ate an apple!! (Thanks to the Crohn's) And actualy, I have never really liked apples at all anyway. So I stood there trying to figure out which apples I should buy. I had absolutely no idea! (I bought Gala and Fuji but the Fujis are proving to be quite delicious!)

And that's my rambling story. I wish I was less sleepy and could get some reading done.