October 16th, 2008


Kicking Publishing Butt!

Was chatting with editormum last night about how I was kicking Publishing House Butt! yesterday and she made me this icon and then my internet cut out (OMG) and I couldn't post it.

All fixed now, thankgoodness. But I also seemed to have lost all my lighting in my bathroom. Add that to losing the hall light last week and I'll have to sort these all before Russ comes over and shakes his head at me again.

Anyway, I was blown away by how much better I felt yesterday - actually it kinda scared me how awful and without my energy I had been feeling, especially in comparison to yesterday. Suddenly I was this whirlwind in my life - sorted a bunch of problems that had been just sitting there waiting for action, did finances, set up the TPP email properly, sorted out a default TPP email confirmation email and sent that out to all novella submissions, brought the novella submissions into some semblance of a doable task (I hate slushing novellas the most), sorted out all my post office needs, confirmed novellas can be posted OS for $4.50, sent out 8 packages of books of all kinds of things, had a bath with facial and read 50 pp, cleaned up my kitchen, did a load of laundry.

Phew! AND then my internet went and I read a book, in hard copy! Well I read Borderlands Issue 9 actually. I just love Grant Watson's "Bad Film Diaries" - normally in LSS fury I don't have time to read them but I sat and read the one on Battlefield Earth - up to Grant's usual entertaining standard.

And that is how I kicked publishing house butt yesterday!

Theatre Goodness!

Tonight I am seeing this with kathrynlinge and her brother (which Bro, K? I forget which one is which!! This is the one we like, yeah? *grins*)

Fidel's Cigar

An exciting, newly devised work combining the past and present of Cuba, a place which has fascinated and intrigued for centuries. The work will be an imaginative and exciting investigation into the worlds of Fidel Castro, Che Guevara and the dream of Revolution. Adult themes.

Just so you know, I am *totally* wearing the right shoes to see this. So if I need to get up and tango or whatever, I am good to go.

on fonts

I think I am reading a serious document submitted to the govt for serious consideration, in comic sans.

I keep expecting clowns to break out in antics.


And in today's lesson...

... we learned the position "Hello Sailor" in Pilates. And she was taken aback when the whole class lost it for a couple of minutes and the only two guys, who were down the front, were congratulating the imaginary sailors on their find.

A_ forced me to go to class today. I didn't want to and I am very definitely struggling with it afterwards but it was very good to stretch and move and things after a few weeks out of exercise.

Back into it all, I guess.

Still, yesterday felt very much like summer was coming to town. Today it's all overcast and sprinkling on and off. But yesterday ... yesterday I even watered my garden after work and I could smell the lazy days of summer on the whiff of the breeze.

Pity I am thinking I will need to work through Christmas in order to be able to go conning next year.

The two nutters in the LSS crew

Are a very bad influence on each other. Observe last night's conversation:

Ben: Yeah I doubt I could do even five good stories on a normal day... one or two and I'm beat..
Ben: I think next year I guess we'll have to be less numbers-focused... otherwise we'll miss the bad stuff!!
Alisa: Miss it to make up the numbers you mean? My goal is going to be to stay on track and to complete the reading by october.
Ben: Mmm... yeah...
Alisa: yeah we will hate it. i bet though we just end up reading more efficiently
Ben: Yeah... I guess once we acclimatise to it.... try to think of it as pleasure instead of work...??????????
Alisa: ?
Ben: No, can't get my head around it!
Alisa: Pleasure?
Alisa: Instead of work, you say?
Alisa: weird
Ben: Seems more of a Tansy thing, doesn't it? :-)



So this document is both petulant and combative but gosh darn it you can't take it serious what with its being in comic sans n'all!

Am quite glad of the font choice now cause it would be pissing me off quite royally otherwise and I have another 200 pp to go.


Buffy Blog

So Rachel and I are back to tag teaming commentary of Buffy the Vampire Slayer back over at the Shiny blog (which also has an ljfeed).

Rachel is better than me and far more prompt and has watched more episodes ahead than me. There, I said it and it's out in the open. Nevertheless, we have both (now) posted on episode 2.07: Lie to Me and I believe 2.08: The Dark Age will be up soon.

In the event that I manage to get back into a rhythm, we intend to pick up pace a bit - which will be good cause I am dying to get out of Season 2 and into, oh I dunno ... Season 4? I've kinda forgotten a lot of Season 3 so maybe I should just wait and get refreshed! Anyway, Faith comes on board and its all fun and games then!

Go check us out and hurl abuse, or join the conversation: http://shinymag.blogspot.com