October 25th, 2008


Whew! And now for my next trick!

Finally am sitting down in my house and ... about to get cracking working.

Been a busy busy day. Was supposed to sleep in which meant waking up at 8.10, isn't that always the way? Answered emails and caught up on blogs. Headed out at 10ish to meet jonathanstrahan for coffee. Had a lovely time - we chatted about all things short story-wise 2008. Then I floated my current crazy small press idea. He laughed. He scoffed. Then we workshopped it and he left me mulling over something far bigger, far crazier and far riskier (but possibly way more fun). I am going to spend the rest of the evening hauling small press ass and seeing if I can remotely make numbers and schedules work (I'm not sure that I can).

Ended up running 15 mins late ... got to my mum's 30 mins late. We went errand running and I got all but two items on my list done. I now own my very own iron. Now I just need a board. And I need to get a proper looooong broadband cord thing to move my computer out of the kitchen. Finally.

By then I was running 1 hour late. I rushed to afternoon tea at old school friend's place. Did our 6 weekly catch up and then rushed off to personal training. Which was bracing. And I am nice and sore all over now.

And now? Now I need to make dinner. Clean up my house. And make small press miracles happen.

That's in exchange for piking on catundra and the Pride Parade tonight.

Now ... where did I hide all that slush?



Also, what's with random writers contacting me to use my blog for blog tours of their new books? I am doing one at Halloween for an author who I kinda mucked around a bit at ASif! and I want to make it up to her. But I just got contacted by some other random writer who's email says he's been reading my entries at ASif! and as a horror fan he wants me to ... well, that's a lie right? Cause would anyone who reads what I write consider me a horror fan?

I keep getting cold call emails that say: I'd love to have you host me as a guest blogger on your blog. Last I checked, the etiquette is to wait till you're asked, isn't it?

I'm not sure I like the idea of random writers who I don't know and have never heard of before hijacking my blog for their own promotion just ... cause? What? I let them? And because my blog gets readership?


Angel Rising Now Available in PDF Format

The rugged little ship scudded past the seawall into Shusaeki Harbour. In the bow, George Gordon stood spraddle-legged, the breeze toying with his curling hair, his face turned to the sun. His manservant Stilton waited nearby, guarding Gordon’s bulky trunks as impassively as a human Stonehenge. Behind the shelter of the seawall, the confused breeze brought scents of the waterfront to Gordon’s nose. His lip curled. ‘Fish,’ he growled. ‘Wet, stinking fish.’ He clambered down to the crowded deck, and rubbed the shiny black surface of his largest trunk with a linen kerchief before seating himself on it. ‘That’s all they eat here, you know Stilton. Bloody fish. And not a piece of cheese to be had on the whole devildamned archipelago.’
He hawked wetly, and spat into the water.
‘Exile. That’s the only word for it. Bloody exile. Damn the Lady Governor and her damnable secrets. The Sunrise Isles are Michio’s patch. I’ve got no business here, even if Michio has managed to get his knickers in a bunch over a blasted meteoroid.’
‘The Lady Governor seemed most insistent, sir,’ said Stilton.
‘She appeared to believe your presence here is important.’
‘Hell with her, Stilton,’ Gordon replied. ‘She’s angry with me because I spitted that wretched Oxenbould man. And then, when I showed her the proof he was literally selling political refugees offworld, she started that song and dance about my drinking.


Available now in print for $10 and electronically for $3.95.

Angel Rising pdf and print versions now available




So if I am sitting as far away as I possibly can from the neighbours across the road and my ears hurt from their music, then it must be really loud then, huh?

Oddly I have gotten a lot of work done tonight. It didn't look promising at 6pm but I think I have kinda gotten some motivation from somewhere and nudged a bunch of things forward.

It occurs to me that technically its 10.41 already and um ... I was up till late with Cafe La Femme last night and I kinda want to finish it tonight ... might nearly be bedtime (but oh the loud music!).

I am starting NaNoXMo early. I have almost put together my to do list and I started working on things tonight. Cause ... in truth I have more than 5 weeks worth of work and it all needs to get done.

Also, I bought an elephant figurine today. *shrugs* My mum said elephants are lucky *shrugs*