October 26th, 2008


happy sigh

I just finished Cafe La Femme, which is just as well because I haven't been able to do anything else since I started it on Thursday or whenever it was. A good book calls to you like a siren. *sigh*

Lucky for me I might have access to more of the crack.

And in embracing all things Tabitha, I am contemplating baking some gorgeous things this afternoon, painting my fingernails and have been wearing pearls all weekend just for added whimsy.


Damn crazy project that is TOO big and TOO crazy and I just CANNOT make work, even after thinking about it incessantly for the last 36 hours has found itself a name.

That can't be good, right?

Too much alone time

Ugh, I just thought of an even crazier idea, to fund the first crazy idea. I am scared what this could be like, tomorrow or the next day.

I should use headspace for clearing out my inbox and slushing and worrying about contracts and general finances and things, shouldn't I?

(And I only have 4 chapters left of French Vanilla ... phew! Monday is an update day!)