October 27th, 2008


The Final Frontier!

I just finished my first novel read almost entirely off the computer screen.

I feel like I have conquered the wild west or something. Even with all my spruiking for electronic reading, submission for review and awards copies, I still always thought that novels are better read in print. Don't get me wrong, I am totally going to buy myself a hard copy version of the book in question, I liked it that much. But! I also ate it up in soft version. I didn't care about eye strain or whatever it is that we normally complain about reading on screen. Every chance I had free, I opened up the document and mainlined another chapter.

I think in truth, the problem with onscreen reading is not that it is hard to do for the reader, it's that the format is more demanding of the material - I will spend less time on a piece online that I am not enjoying - the copy is disposable so I feel less guilt dismissing it and there is an element of eye strain that I would rather spend more time reading onscreen something else.

After all, I read "The Alchemist's Gate" onscreen too. Didn't change my experience and love it.

There is nothing better than holding a nice solid book in your hands. Of smelling the print of a fresh, new book. Of opening an old musty copy of your favourite book and finding a coffee stain from 4 readings ago when you got a fright and spilled your drink on it. But ... I now think I am ready to ALSO enjoy reading GOOD novels off the computer screen.


LSS Tally

Ah! We're a man down! A man down! Send reinforcements!!!

Ben's laptop died last night and I am quite worried now for his LSS fate. Also, he is the main person who knows what's going on in this project so ... I'm assuming that means if we can't find stuff, we're stuffed!!

Send him good computery thoughts!

To Read
Alisa: 604
Ben: 544
Tansy: 426
Alex: 604

Current total in Spreadsheet: 3576

Number of reading days left for 2008: 35



(ooh lj has gone all Halloween-esque!)

So I have just sent off my deadline item for today which was due at COB. Um ... I still have 30 mins to go and it feels weird I got it in on time!!

Now do I twiddle my thumbs? File the piece of work? Answer email? The options are endless!!!


In other news

Boss totally must have misunderstood that when I was asking to do more work to do with my skillset, I met *job promotion* to the job that is empty, has been empty all year, requires ... oh *my skillset* and for which I already DO the work for. Cause just now he said to me "you know how you asked for [skillset work]? I have a project I though you might like to take on."


Conversely ... I got offered a job at yoga today from a manager in a different section. At the time I was thinking that that job was even more up the river with the devil than this one ... but sometimes it's about how you are treated *in* the job, yeah? Gonna think about it.

And more .. that COB deadline? Just got a "thanks for your response in a timely manner" email. Fuck off if they hadn't been calling my manager all day to make sure it comes in today. No chance to even have met that deadline *on my own*

Must be home time. Or time for an apple. Or something.