October 28th, 2008



I do complain a bit so here is a good thing about work - massage days! You have to pay but I am booked in for 11am today and hopefully will get that crick in my neck sorted out.



This was an interesting article. I'll stop quoting it where I stopped reading ...

AN eight-year-old boy has died after shooting himself in the head while firing an Uzi submachine gun at a fair in Massachusetts.

Christopher Bizilj was firing the gun under the supervision of a Certified Instructor when he lost control of the weapon and was hit in the head.

The boy had been attending the Machine Gun Shoot and Firearms Expo at the Westfield Sportsman's Club in Massachusetts.

Police said Christopher “was shooting the weapon down range when the force of the weapon made it travel up and back toward his head, where he suffered the injury".

He died in hospital.

Police called it a "self-inflicted accidental shooting" but police are investigating.

The size of Uzis vary and police did not say which model the boy was firing.

The weapon was designed for use by the Israeli military.


Cause yo! Blame the Jews for designing the gun and not the supervision and the parent who let the kid play with the Uzi.


Damn fine idea!

Well that was a very good idea! Am all relaxed and destressed now. And am booked in with the same masseuse who comes back in a fortnight! Was an upright upper back and neck massage and an Indian Head thing too. My headache is nearly gone.

Looks like a storm is brewing outside. There were two peals of thunder when I got up this morning but no rain.

Lots of thoughts during the massage, may blog later.

Have you voted for GUFF yet?

Was going to do another post today, with some GUFF anecdotes I found at Conflux but I shall save that for another day. The totally cool thing about campaigning is people coming out and speaking in support of you. I imagine that's one of the only cool things about it, although this race hasn't gotten negative so I imagine it could be way worse.

The other day cassiphone wrote a really lovely post in support of my run. I didn't quote it here cause we share a very similar friendlist but you can read it here.

Today nyssa_p has written a very kind piece in support of my run. I hope she doesn't mind but I stole a bit of it from here:

You just need to pay $10 to vote to get Alisa off to Europe for http://lx2009.com/! This would be fantastic (especially as she would entertain us with lots of anecdotes). We all know how completely dedicated she is to the industry and how life in general would be lacklustre without her. This is a great way to give back something to the woman who has brought us ASif!, Shiny mag, New Ceres, Twelfth Planet Press and she is part of Last Short Story as well! And, if you're shallow, she's pretty too :)

Vote 1 Alisa!

Voting ends 24th November



How is it that I forgot that I can knit and read online at the same time?? I bet that's how LSS AND my knitting ended up sub par this year!

I also have started my NaNoXMO thingie - which I am kinda seeing as November being the blitz month - last Friday. Basically I am seeing November as upping the intensity in all directions: fitness, diet, TPP, life, house .. everything. Giving it all I have in November and then looking at kinda kicking back in December. Ish. I sort of wrote a list but basically have plunged in whilst tinkering with the details such as the to do list!

Tonight I think I am going to tackle the novella slush - if I don't resurface, someone come in after me?


What's your fairy?

So I've been reading Justine Larbalestier's How to Ditch Your Fairy in the bath. At my leisure. And despite agreeing to lend it to two other readers, both of whom would likely review it for ASif! and Shiny.

It's given me all forms of amusement. It'sa fun book and I'm enjoying the read. It also made me laugh because the boy saw it next to my bath the other day and I heard this appalled "How to ditch your FAMILY!?" from the other room. Heh.

Anyway, the cover promises you that you will know what *your* fairy is by the end of the book so the whole way through I've been trying to figure out what my fairy is. And the other day, I realised that my fairy is a Fall on Your Feet fairy. I don't always end up where I think I want to be going, but I usually end up in a good (and usually better) place. And that's why I never really worry about *details*. In my life, it'll all work out in the end. Or it won't. I think it annoys my mum sometimes when I don't look stressed or worried about something that maybe she thinks I ought.

A bunch of other writers have listed their fairies over at Justine's blog


Grabbed your copy of 2012 yet?

Mostly I'm fiddling around with new paypal and icons and things but maybe you've heard the hype of 2012 and haven't found a copy? Or you can't wait till the Twelfth Planet Press website is up and running?

Where will the world be in four years' time?

Eleven of Australia's top authors take a guess in 2012. Each story imagines the world as it might be, presenting unique possibilities for the very near future. There are dark visions of water and oil shortages, terrorism, climate change, global and regional politics, the limiting of personal freedoms such as free speech, struggles with the ethics of genetic engineering and bioengineering, alien conspiracies, and the impact of technology on industry. There are personal stories here too – of the way these things might impact on families, and how we at an individual level might react to the catastrophes predicted to lie ahead.
Each of these stories presents an original take on the imminent future of humanity. Each has something to say about who we are and who we might want to be. 2012 is both a call to imagine the future of the world and a call to create it.
Deborah Biancotti
Martin Livings
Dirk Flinthart
David Conyers
Simon Brown
Lucy Sussex
Tansy Rayner Roberts
Kaaron Warren
Angela Slatter
Ben Peek
Sean McMullen

2012 including postage



So I didn't read any slush! Oops!! I got distracted by this:

Web Therapy Lisa Kudrow does 3 minute therapy sessions. It's quirky and funny and good.

Watched episodes 1 to 3 and then discovered there are more! I also checked out Puppy Love whilst there but it's very close to Sex and the City.

I did do one piece of serious work - sent out a draft of something to some proofers and advisors. Can't stop thinking and trying to make my crazy idea work. I've thought of almost nothing else since Saturday morning (darn you J! for the bigger idea!!).

Will try and go to sleep now and leave the rest of this figuring out for tomorrow. It's been ages since I've had something that I couldn't put down like this. And it's not like I don't have enough to do, as it is! But it's bloody engrossing and I know I sound like a broken record or a pit bull to those in close quarters to me. Sorry.