October 31st, 2008



It all seemed so horrible and hard ... and now I can't remember why.

Had a very long, very boring meeting this morning that lasted 3 hours and seemed to really only require 5 out of the 20 people who were required to attend. I conducted a silent poll around the rest of theroom to see who was bored. And I might have begun an essay in my head. The rest of which I might finish and then post here.

Then a headache kicked in - perhaps in response to the sheer boredom. I do not do well when faced with boredom.

Headed home after work drinks (I ate an apple) and then went past my Post Office to empty the box and totally forgot to pick up a copy of the latest issue of Cosmos which according to a text from capnoblivious has 2012 on the recommended reading list. Didn't run the rest of my errands. Came home. Realised I hadn't run any of my errands. Rang my mum. Discovered solutions to all but one, which I can do at 9am tomorrow if I can get out of bed promptly.

Might take a bath now. Seeing as I seem to have found productivity without having actually *done* anything - and a bit of shopping on the internet.

Shiny Issue 4

Happy Halloween!

Shiny 4 has finally been released! Many thanks to Tehani who worked really hard on crossing all the ts and dotting the i's, to benpayne for advice, to kaitlynfall and punktortoise for proofing and to cassiphone and editormum for awesome nonfiction.

This issue features:

"Being Bella Wang" by Bren MacDibble
"All the Leaves Your Bed" by Michael Merriam
"Skitter Skitter" by Rhonda Parrish
Reviews by Tehani Wessely and Tansy Rayner Roberts

Purchase your own issue and get it sent to your inbox now for a mere AUS$3


And look out next month for Issue 5 with stories by Sue Isle, Tansy Rayner Roberts and Emily Mah Tippets.