November 2nd, 2008


Sunday Morning Lazing

Did I mention how CUTE the new puppy is? I am TOTALLY going round to my sister's early today to play with her! It's my sister's 29th birthday and she is hosting lunch - HAPPY BIRTHDAY! (She never reads this so I shall just put it out into the ether).

I should get out of bed soon, shower and dress and then wrap her presents.

But it's nice and warm and snuggly. And there are 147 emails to answer. And soooo much work to do. Will be back for a very solid work session this afternoon and evening.

According to T, I am always behind the 8 ball. Yesterday, she thought is was hysterically funny that I don't have an RSS feed. And I don't use tags on my lj (that's very new cause I discovered the tag cloud). And I didn't know what iGoogle is. Now of course I have all these *things* to do in order to have stuff to feed on the RSS, tagging my lj and setting up my iGoogle (Do you have igoogle? What gadgets have you installed?)

AHhh ... much to do! Better get going!

Write lots today!!!

I plan to do my first round edits to Shiny 5 and go through the New Ceres antho ToC as it currently stands. Among other things.


What a glorious day!

I have set myself up in my patio with a coffee and a tall glass of cold water and my laptop. It's a beautiful day today with a gentle breeze - just a hint of summer. I have the new Pink CD blaring in the house - cause I caved yesterday and bought it. I think it's going to be on high rotation in November as soundtrack for grrlpower asskicking music!

I've been sitting and watching the YA authors record them facing their fears - check out Scott Westerfeld and others here doing crazy and scary things!

I'm just back from my sister's bday bbq bash. I got loooooooots of Tilly time!! She is sooooooo sweet and small and cuddly! And I think I might start making a list of cool things about being an auntie:
1. YOU get to be the one to cuddle the puppy when she is stressed cause lots of people are being loud and stuff.
2. YOU get to kinda feel sorry for puppy when she gets in trouble for peeing on the floor and you don't have to shout or be angry and then you can get more cuddles.

I gave good bday presents - that's always a good feeling. I had good chats with a few people. Especially a sister of one of my old school friends who's been through a bit of similar stuff to me in recent years and she has just gotten remarried and is really happy. And it was lovely to chat to her. And I got an awesome banana bread recipe from my sister's sister-in-law which I shall try later this afternoon.

Now ... I am trying to get some work done.

Haven't done any yet...


Soon I shall have to admit defeat and take this computer to bed with me ... am very tired and rather unproductive.

Too much sun. Too much relaxing!