November 3rd, 2008



Just caught the World Fantasy Awards news via catsparx.

A big congratulations to my dear friend robshearman who won Best Collection with his Tiny Deaths. This book is so awesome and reminded me why I love short stories. It is so deserving of this award! And I can't wait to read his second collection which will be out soon too.

And also congratulations to Edward Miller who won for Best Artist! Last year Shaun Tan took the award but kaaronwarren, suibhne_geilt and I sat on the awards banquet table with Edward Miller who was also a contender. He is a lovely man and a really awesome artist - he does a lot of small and big press work. I was sorry he didn't win last year but was obviously loudly going for Shaun. So ... everything seems right with the world again now.

Also congratulations to ellen_datlow for Inferno which took out best anthology. And to John Klima for Logorrhea's offering up the best short story



Some guys are *unbelievable*!

Remember archaeologist guy from RSVP - it's okay if you don't, it was a while ago now. Heck, I only remember cause I had the most inane IM conversation with him in which he graded, I guess, are compatability against like ... what kind of wine I like to drink etc ... and then happened to be renting off a friend of a friend of mine and told her that he was "quite choosy".

Well he just contacted me cause I guess he saw me online and is bored. *Honestly*. Some people need to get the hell over themselves!

Still, I am amused.

ETA I just told him I met someone cause ... well, hell, I ain't nobody's leftovers.
ETA Oh good, now I am coaching him. Awesome. /sarcasm