November 5th, 2008



Am so moved by the fact that pretty much my whole flist and feeds who can vote in the US Election are doing so. That's *awesome*.

Though it did occur to me - when less than half of the US population vote, the country can't quite cope - what would happen if 100% of people actually voted? Machine meltdown?



So it turns out:

Puppies are *unbelievably* tiring!! And this one has actually slept for at least two full hours whilst she's been here and I have gotten a goodly amount of work done.

Puppies' saving feature is that they are cute. They can go to the toilet on your floor whilst looking you in the eye, rip up all the newspaper and throw it round the room, bite you, chew on your laptop and run around like puppies on speed but then they cuddle up to you and tuck their nose into your arm and snore quietly and all is forgotten cause ... awwww!!!

(Yes, I think I will put my own plans of a puppy on hold. I'm good)


Yes We Can

I've just seen the speech and I am in tears.

It was a great speech. An inspiring speech.

Oh happy day to have a statesmen in the position of, well, a statesmen.

Gpd Bless America and the World today. Today we start down the road of change to a better future. Oh happy day.