November 7th, 2008


Me - updatage

So, I think, in piecing it all together with forensics, it's fair to say it was the Vanilla Latte Nescafe sachets that done me in. I didn't have 3 or 4 as I blogged yesterday, but rather 6 on Wednesday and 1 yesterday. My thumb and ring finger have swollen up and are both itchy and painful. I can't even wear my ring today and my bangle has had to go on my left hand due to more welts on my wrist. So it's water for me today and no more of the evil preservatives in the 330s range for a while. I have an intolerance to sulfur rather than an outright allergy and as it builds up in my body, sometimes I hit the too-much button and ... I'm in hives hell for a couple of days. *grump*

(And I just searched my tea/coffee stash to see if I had any here at work - I must be ADDICTED!)

I ended up going to the physio on Wednesday and she manipulated my upper back and neck. She said it was all very tight and I've had no headaches since. Also interesting was that it had been a whole year since I had seen her - when my neck froze up and I couldn't turn it for like a month right before WFC last year. Odd ... and am wondering if it's a time of year thing or just a coincidence with stress levels. I bought a second pillow there this time and thought I bought the small soft one and not the ... brick ... that I got. Comparing it to my old one, this one is like 4 times as big and high and wide. Maybe though my old one has just done it's dash - I have taken it everywhere with me in the last year. I sucked it up last night and slept with the new one to get used to it and I slept really well and my neck feels better today for it. Perhaps actually just the pillow needed replacing?

What I really liked though at the physio was something that noone seems ot have mentioned - our Health System has gone high tech. You can now swipe your Medicare and Private Health cards at payment (done it with the counsellor and optometrist before too) and you get your rebate there and then - ie the practioner gets paid by Medicare/HBF (in my case) immediately and you just pay the balance. For someone like me who takes *ages* to claim back ... this system rocks!


GUFF - Vote for the Candidate You Want to Represent You at Eastercon 2009!

The GUFF Ballot closes November 24th! Have you voted yet?

Download a GUFF ballot form here

I had a really good time at Conflux this year - the con was really mellow and allowed for lots of long and awesome conversations. And one of the themes, it seemed for me, was talk of Fandom of Yesteryear (I use this phrase with tongue-in-cheek). I'm a newbie round these parts and I've been lucky enough to be able to form some really awesome friendships and to have been taken in by so many so quickly. And I guess in some ways, have so many people be so ready to inform and educate me about all things community. I'm new and I've missed lots and lots of the fan history and one of my favourite things about cons and fan get togethers is hearing the stories and the mythology and the important events and moments that have brought the community to where it is now. I love being regaled.

At Conflux I got to hear a lot about these things people remember called "fanzines". (Yes, I am deliberately misrepresenting myself as a Y Gen-er *cheeky grin*) It seems these were on paper and were posted to fans around the country and the world. My favourite things from listening to the regaling include the proclamation at the Continuum Room Party that "I only got into fanzines cause I heard they got you laid". And the reply to my subsequent question "and did they?" Was a resounding "No!" Shame really! Heh.

Then there was something called Collation Parties - where the producer of these things called "fanzines" would get a bunch of their friends over to their place one night to help collate the fanzine. You know, collect all the pages in order and staple them. It had to be explained to me too, how am I *this* young!, that these were the days before photocopiers automatically collated duplicate copies of a full document for you. And then of course the tales of the biggest injury and thorn to the fanzine collation - the paper cut!!

Finally though I learned of how the GUFF race was affected by the fanzine. dmw sat and had a lovely conversation with me on the last day and told me that back in the day, the GUFF race was run over 18 months! And that the voting had two distinct periods of furious voting - when the candidates were first announced and in the last month before voting closed and then almost no activity in the 16 months in between. Races were conducted across issues of fanzines that would be posted out to readers across countries and continents with the first issue announcing the candidates and including a form and then subsequent issues reminding readers of those in the race and including voting forms and then finally the important issue with the form that wouldn't be lost within the last issue prior to the close of the ballot.

It's funny and I guess quaint to me who lives in an instantaneous world where things that would have spanned months in fandom now happen all before lunch and can be bought and sold with the click of a button. But so too I can appreciate the depth and level of commitment of a community that is built up over time and space like that with members who can only reach out to one another in the format that the fanzine offered. How frustrating too it must have been to want to disagree with someone and have to do it back and forth across months of issues in the Letters section!

The thing that I find the most awesome and admirable is how quick this community is to take up new formats and forums in order to improve the way we can act and interact with one another. And also, how fond most people are of one another. This is a community I am proud to be considered a member of.

Thanks so much for having me!

Cover Letters

As y'all are out there beavering away at NaNoWriMo let me say ... when you finish your manuscripts and you pull them together to submit to various places, big and small, for consideration ... editors don't need to hear about where and how you live. I do not care if it's 2 cats or 3 rabbits and I am constantly wondering *why* I need to be told this in cover letters.

Incidentally, I now also read cover letters to see if they are more entertaining than the story attached for consideration. Hint: they should not be!


US Election

Snurched from thebellman is this link of the photos behind the scenes on Election Night.

Thoughts that occurred to me in no order:
1. It looks *just like* The West Wing
2. What on earth was she thinking with that dress? I don't get it.
3. His kids look really well-behaved
4. He's such an ordinary man yet somehow extraordinary
5. They look like a nice couple and she looks like the kind of person you'd want to be supporting this man in this time in this job

And ... I'm aware that I have let my idealism and hope take over the last couple of days. I want, just for a little while, to live in a world where all things, not just the worst of things, are possible. It's nice to live here, just for a little while. I mean, I know that at the end of the day, he is just a man and he is also an American President and he will make choices that best serve the USA and not necessarily *all* of us. And he will fail and make mistakes but he also seems like a man who is ready and willing to learn and grow. It's going to be an interesting 4 years and somehow, I feel more anticipation than dread about the future. And that's nice too.


Cheap fuel hurts my brain - can no longer think through fuel maths

This morning I stopped in to fill up my car and had to prepay at the particular bowser I was at. So I go in and notice that since it was $1.21 a litre, I'll get $50 cause it will last longer at a better price. Or something.

So I go in and pay. And then I am standing there idly daydreaming cause it's like 8.30 in the morning and my brain doesn't formally switch on until close to 10. Suddenly it clicks off. And I look up and I have only put in $42 so I think, geez that's weird and try to put in more fuel. It doesn't occur to me till it's spilling out of the fuel tank that ... hello! It's FULL! Huh, thinks I!

So I clean up the mess and go in to get a refund and notice that the two servos have been standing at the window watching my pitiful display. "I'm not used to fuel being this cheap!" I quip - which is funny cause a) I couldn't do the fuel maths where less would equal more cause when was the last time that was true and b) we live in a world now were $1.21/L is cheap fuel.

I remember the days when ...


Dream Interpretation

I've been having some particularly lucid dreams lately. Last night I dreamed that I stood and watched a Qantas plane come in to land. It was very clearly Qantas and I could see there was something wrong with the tail. Suddenly it started to fall out of the sky and then it hit the ground at a very funny angle before bouncing up and then down again and managed to land without actually crashing. It was very frightening to watch and the people I were with, and many people in the area, resolved to go to the airport to celebrate and mingle over the fact that lives hadn't been lost. We took this long epic journey on foot to get there - like just in the one suburb - and it felt a bit like that bit in Close Encounters where they all meet to walk up the side of that mountain.

Was very odd. Feels less odd writing it down in that it feels more like a celebration of a nearmiss rather than how it felt watching it happen which was quite upsetting.


End of week wrap up

I think I shall call it a night. callistra came over tonight to write her 2000 words. Was really good actually as I was so wanting to shower and climb into bed at about 6pm and instead worked on my study whilst she wrote in the dining room.

My study is a bit like my list. Completing or sorting or tidying up one bit opens up pandoras box on the next bit or something else entirely such that even though I am actually making progress, it's not really obvious to the untrained eye. Thus, my study looks as disorganised as it did this morning and only I know I made significant progess. I guess at some point, there will be an end. Right?

The other annoying thing is even though I like to think big, I never actually start out with systems in place to deal with the big and always intend to go back and overhaul when needed. Course by the time they are needed ... it's well overdue and the thing that needs overhauling is big and unwieldy. So... yes ... I am currently reorganising and putting new systems in place for ASif! You'd have thought I'd have these by now but no ... Grr.. Anyway. It's possible that will all be sorted by the end of the weekend, finally, and should mean all kinds of admin related aspects to the project run more smoothly. And that would be nice.

And so my to do list for November status looks like this:

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
39 / 199

I think I am supposed to be at about 45 tasks done by now ... we'll see if I can make up ground over the weekend. Am stuck at home with the puppy as of tomorrow afternoon so that should ensure that I have the time, in any case.