November 8th, 2008


Get out of bed girliejones!!!

Ack! So nice and warm here I don't want to get out of bed!

Much to do today - meeting battblush in the city at my very favourite Perth cafe in 40 mins!! The best coffee in the whole city (ducks and runs).

Then lunch with a past work colleague in Mt Hawthorn.

Then home for puppysitting. And looooots of work.

Must. Get. Up.


Grr... they are *hard* work! Is it too early to open the box of Lindt choccies my sister brought over *with* the dog to say thankyou? She's destroying stuff in her bed right now - oh wait she's found my fabric box - so I took her outside for half an hour of playing around hoping she'd pee on the grass. And does she? Nope. Second we are inside .. on the lovely carpet, grrr.


Hve put doggie to bed and am holed up in my bed with a glass of port and some choccies. Got almost no work done today and now I am exhausted!

On the other hand, she really is a good little thing. It took an hour and a half of being outside before she finally went and did her business outside but that was yay cause no cleaning up inside. And I did some weeding - and she helped me. *shrug* Dog likes weeding. Weird.

Then she hung out with me watching Sex and the City and when I put her to bed in the laundry, she didn't even cry. In fact I started to worry what she was up to so I spied on her and she was ... just sleeping! Good little thing.

So now... my emails. Spose I could get to work on those.

Had a great catch up with battblush this morning. More food for thought for me. And we drank AWESOME coffee. So so good! Then I met my friend from work in Mt Hawthorn and I got served *the worst* coffee ever. Am I becoming a snob? I sent it back - it was yellow around the rim and it kinda tasted funny. And after Coogee... are we ever going to just shut up and eat/drink what we get served again? The second one looked just like the first. I wondered if they even bothered to remake it. I ordered a skinny flat white - I'm familiar with the beverage. I don't think it's supposed to be yellow? Anyway. I didn't drink it. But was intrigued by the bookendishness of the best and worst on the same day. And that place is a good place. I've had great coffees and meals there before. They didn't charge me for it, but really? Am I going to go back? Given the enormous choice of cafes around these days?

Don't Drink and Edit

There's something utterly decadent about draping one's naked self across one's bed, glass of red wine in hand. Actually, that might be the actual definition of decadent.

Either way ... feeling pretty chilled right now.

What an odd day.