November 9th, 2008


Where to start?

I was hoping to sleep in this morning. What was I thinking? By 8.30am much had happened, including having to give the puppy a bath. hmmmm .... yes... unimpressed. Now of course she is sleeping upside down on my lap whilst I get a crick trying to type on my laptop - she was shivering and cold and so I felt bad. My sister should be here in an hour to collect her. I had a bunch of plans for errands I was going to run this afternoon - I think I might have a nap instead.

I've been having editor's block - unable to send out rejections. It seems and feels ridiculous but I have been held back by this for the last couple of days. But I have to get the inbox sorted today and I am supposed to be far further along on the tasklist than I am.

Ahh .. the smell of wet dog.

sweet sweet cherry pie

I stopped watching The View months ago cause I just couldn't take any more of Elisabeth. I'm at the end of mainlining the last week's episodes which W runs as a Sunday morning marathon.

So yeah .. this is Wednesday's episode right this second and am bawling my eyes out. Cause ... everytime I see any bit of Obama's speech, I am gone. I need a print out so I can read it whenever I have self doubt - while we breathe, we hope. The speechwriter was AWESOME! Anyway, Sherry crying about how she can say to her son "No limitations, for you". OMG. And just how much hope and happiness and freedom in everyone's faces and hearts *even* Elisabeth, who fricking FINALLY got on the Obama bandwagon. And anyone who remembers the Rosie/Elisabeth showdown will know the magnitude of this.

Fuck, it still gets me - now they are replaying "I Have A Dream" by Martin Luther King.

(Yes, I still have rejections to write).

By popular demand!

I tried to take some puppy snaps but she pretty much would only pose for me to line her up in the camera and then by the time I took the snap? Gone!

So consider these an interpretation, a photo essay if you will, of Tilla, our new puppy.

In other news, despite having the puppy here and whatever, I got a lot done today - went grocery shopping, cooked one meal which should give me a couple of frozen meals to stock up, made banana bread only to find I don't have a bread tin to bake it in!, did ironing, finished a pair of socks, sent some rejections, sorted some ASif reviews and review copies. And I am still enthusiastic. I should get a bit more done tonight so I'll post my tally right when I am done!

Boyzone on Rove

I've said it before, I'll say it again. Men over 40 should not stand in a line, in a group of 4 or 5, and dance in synchronised movements.

It's pathetic.

Older men cannot be in boy bands. It's just. Plain. Wrong.

(and sad and pathetic).


I'm feeling a bit exposed here on this blog at the moment. I feel very paranoid and I dunno ... unsure of what is going on at the moment. Due to something that happened to me yesterday involving the ex. I find it highly unlikely that he is reading this. He never read it before so I don't see why he would now but then ... ack anyway. Right now I feel like not being very open in the open.

I'm sure it will pass.