November 11th, 2008


Rejection Block

So I mentioned that I've been having editor's block the last couple of weeks (those who deal with TPP, know it's been longer than that!) with respect to writing and sending rejections. It's kind of ridiculous and I think it's passing now - too much to do, too much piling up, and writers deserve the courtesy. So I'm making myself send at least 2 a day - awesome (not) kind of thing to have on your to do list, huh?

I got this first thing this morning:
I felt i had to reply to your email immediately and tell you that was
the nicest rejection letter I think I've ever had. ;)

Rejections are not fun to write and they're not fun to receive.

I don't know if this kind of interaction makes them harder or easier.

Ugh! And I still have a bunch of submissions to process.


How naked do you want to get?

Is not the usual kind of workplace question but I had my fortnightly massage at work today and she had the massage bed and it was good good good! So very good!

The masseuse told me I had lots of nice clothes and that she could tell that I liked clothes. Which is a really funny comment, I think, given that whole post I made a while back about clothes and shoes and whatnot. And given I was wearing a work uniform shirt and my personal uniform skirts (you know them, I have like 10 of them). My shoes today are art deco-esque, though. But I was cool about the comment and I thought ... I like certain clothes and I like to dress in a certain way. And I'm cool about that. Which is ... cool!

And as I lay there and my mind raced, I realised it was really good to do this fortnightly, even if that does feel a tad decadent, because it works to pull me back into myself, to centre and to refocus on a bunch of things that this year I realised were important. The absolute top of the list is the balancing of work/life and then from that, managing stress levels. If I want to remain at this frenetic pace (which I do because what would I drop? And next year's TPP schedule is double this one and 2010's double that again, already.) it's important to figure out how to do that and not burn out. Not that I have always been successful at that this year but ... I'm working on it. And fortnightly massages, and yoga, and lots of long hot baths, and cutting down on refined foods and a bunch of other things are really helping.
This though reminded me that I have a way to go at achieving the ideal but that's cool too.

I think I am going to add some yoga at home during the week. I love yoga and for me it's a good way to build some meditation into my week. Plus there is only a shortened yoga term of 4 weeks including this week at work till next year. And I would *hate* to lose any of my strength over the christmas break.

The really important thing though that I think I have learned is the importance of good scheduling. I have really been good at keeping my diary this year. And then ... when I have set aside some me time, or some friends time or some relaxation time (massage, bath, whatever), concentrating on relaxing and enjoying it. I've really tried to control not allowing thoughts of the stressful to impinge on time set aside to regenerate, relax and enjoy. And to not feel guilty about setting that time aside. And yeah, I think that's working too.

So yeah ... am nicely booked in for the next fortnight. Yay!

Fanzines Archive

I've been thinking about fanzines ever since mortonhall and narrelle were commenting on a post I made last week. They're not something I've really had a chance to read or even had access to and they are very clearly an important part of fannish history. I hear so many tales about different ones and I would love to be able to get my hands on some and have a read.

I was wondering if it was a good idea to maybe scan old fanzines and archive them digitally on ASif! I have no idea about the logistics of this or whether owners of fanzines would be prepared to let us do that or whether anyone but me has an even vague interest in reading them. But I kinda like to preserve history and I would be interested in such a project.

What do you think?

Barrista in Training!

One of the other cool things at work is that our new boss organised for our section to get its own coffee machine. We inherited one but it was old and crusty. This one is flash and new. AND we got a coffee grinder too. So I am currently learning how to make coffee the way I like to drink it which turns out to be harder than I thought - I can only make cappuccinos and I like flat whites!

I have proposed Affogato Fridays!

Jewish Bread

Last Friday I got an email from punkrocker1991 informing me that the student bakery on campus near him was baking "Jewish Bread" today and did I want a loaf? Well... I figured that could mean only one thing: Challah and it being Friday, was a good day to be receiving one and said "yes please!"

I got delivered this little present in the carpark at work at going home time and, it being in a white paper bag, vaguely entertained the thought (to myself) about the drug bread deal that was going on. Only foodies would go to such lengths.

Well I must admit that I spent the whole weekend enjoying said loaf. Because there is *nothing* better than last night's challah toasted and with butter and vegemite or jam.

And I'll say it was a damn fine challah at that. It was shiny and crisp on the outside, with sesame seeds, and deliciously soft on the inside. It toasted up a real treat. And I was very sorry when it was gone!

Good times.
ball of yarn

Oh look! A craft post!

I got two very large, very special packages in the post today. One of them was, I think, my first online craft supply purchase all year - I'm on a stashing diet. But this was *special* (aren't they all?). This was *on* special! I've been waiting for 2 years or more now for the 300 threads of cross stitching floss discount - and finally, it was here! I got 300 threads for 60 bucks - thats like 23 c per skein of floss! Awesome. You know, except for like, most of my cross stitching projects being in ready made kits and me having at least a decade of projects in the queue, on top of me not currently actually stitching.

So besides all that! *so* pretty too - the rainbow of colour palettes!

This week I have been crafting too! I have been sorting out my fabric stash (washing and ironing and folding). And I finished knitting a pair of socks AND a shawl. So now I'm trying to talk myself into starting a brand new stitching project even though I have more than several other started projects to finish.