November 12th, 2008


Cappuccino Festival

I keep forgetting to post that there are lots of signs around North Perth advertising a Cappuccino Festival, I think on Angove Street, on November 30.

I think we should go.

Aurealis Awards Ceremony

Okay, well, apparently I am going. It seems if you tell people you are kinda thinking about going, they take you seriously n'stuff. I can't believe I'm going to fly to Brisbane for two nights and then come home just to hang out with y'all. But I am. Cause it's worth it just to be roomies with cassiphone! Roadtrip!

So I just bought my plane tix - Qantas has some good prices.

And whilst I was there ... there were $99 flights to Adelaide over the Natcon weekend so I hedged my bets and ... am now crossing my fingers. We're launching deborahb's Collection at Natcon.


Here's Looking at You Kid

So I've been a bit down by the fact that my weight went all the way back to where I started at the beginning of this year even though I have been working out fairly regularly all year and like a billion percent more than last year.

But November is the month, yeah? So my goal was to lose 4 kg by Nov 30. As of today, I've lost 2.5kgs which is good. This week, my trainer did fitness tests and even though I thought I'd lost fitness it appears I have not. And my core strength has improved. The best news is that she took measurements and I have lost 10cm all up since the very beginning of her training me in May and that includes adding some cm on my arms which I like to think of as muscle :-) It's not where I wanted to be by now but there's not much I can do about that from here.

The strangest thing of all though was last night when I wanted a chocolate and opted for an apple instead and enjoyed it. I spose if you live long enough ...

And I might not have lost my goal weight by the end of this year but I have very definitely made lifestyle changes that by now are part of me. And are nonnegotiable things too. And that's a success too.